Monday, August 15, 2016

The Golden Frog of Panama

Hi Traveler,
Welcome to Bite no. 37 - the Golden Frog of Panama

Yesterday, August 14th, was the 6th Annual Golden Frog Day celebration in Panama.
This day acknowledges Panama’s wilderness treasures and the rapidly declining frog population.
The Golden Frog is no longer found in the wild.
Captive breeding efforts have failed.
I took the photo in an enclosed environment where such breeding efforts were in place.

But there is a tiny problem with the “Golden Frog” and other species.
The Golden Frog of Panama isn’t a frog. It’s a toad.
The Killer Whale (Orca) isn’t a whale. It’s a dolphin.
The Tarantula Hawk is neither. It’s a beautiful black with orange wings wasp.
The Velvet Ant is a wingless female wasp.
The Wooly Bear is a caterpillar.
The Electric Eel is a type of fish.
The Horned Toad of our deserts is a lizard.
Buffalos are found in Asia and Europe. We have Bison.
Guinea Pigs are not from Guinea and are not pigs. But they are delicious.
If you’ve been to Africa you already know about the Gnus.
And finally, the Horned Screamer is not your neighbor. It’s a bird in the Peruvian Amazon.

Additions and corrections:
August 14th was also World Lizard Day.
This is actually Bite number 38, but I labeled last week's Bite incorrectly. 

Have a great week.

Duncan MacSwain, the former science teacher at Redwood High School in Larkspur, helps me announce at the NCS MOC Track Championship.  He coached at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael.  His daughter Robyn MacSwain/Berry ran for him and Cal.  His son-in-law Rod Berry ran at Redwood and Stanford.


Panamanian Golden Frog | San Diego Zoo Animals
The Panamanian golden frog is Panama’s national animal. Pictured on everything from T-shirts to lottery tickets to magazines, the tiny frog represents good fortune.

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