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Columbia Men Take the Title At Ivy Heps, Women Third

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Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Mike McLaughlin

Columbia Men Take the Title At Ivy Heps, Women Third
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NEW YORK - The Columbia men are the 2015 Ivy League Heptagonal Cross Country Champions! Columbia edged out Penn in the men's race at Van Cortlandt Park, while the women finished in third place, right behind Princeton and Yale.
Men's Race
Aubrey Myjer (Mountain View HS) took home a third place finish, helping Columbia to its first conference title since 2013. Jack Boyle finished in seventh place and Tait Rutherford crossed the line in ninth to also earn All-Ivy League recognition.
Penn's Thomas Awad claimed the individual title at the event, clocking a 24:26.4 in the five-mile race. Yale's Kevin Dooney was second in 24:29.5, edging out third place Myjer in 24:30.3.
Boyle was next for Columbia, taking the final spot on the first team All-Ivy League list in seventh at 24:46.6. Rutherford was a second team All-Ivy selection for the second straight year, as the senior's ninth place time was 24:54.9.
The Lions next two finishers, Marc Violone and Sam Ritz, were crucial in getting Columbia (65 points) enough points to edge out Penn (69 points) for the championship. Violone was 18th in 25:18.3 while Ritz finished 28th in 25:27.7, giving the Lions the victory.
Columbia led the entire way, holding spots three-through-five at the 4.1K check point, and five-through-seven at the 5K mark.
Women's Race
The women's team took third place, led by two All-Ivy League second team performances. Olivia Sadler finished in ninth place and her senior classmate Leila Mantilla was 14th as both runners were All-Ivy performers for the second straight year.
At the 3.1 mile checkpoint, the Lions were in second place, holding spots eight, ten and eleven. Princeton led throughout the race, as Elizabeth Bird, Emily De La Bruyere and Kathryn Fluehr finished first, fourth and sixth respectively.
Natalie Tanner was the third Columbia finisher, clocking a 21:52.9 in the 6K race. Tanner missed All-Ivy recognition by one spot, as Mantilla (21:47.8) was the final honoree, joining Sadler (21:29.1). The champion from Princeton, Bird, crossed the line in 20:47.4.
Pegah Khosravi-Kamrani was 20th overall in 22:01.2 and Libby Kokes was 36th in 22:21.6, rounding out the top five Columbia runners on the women's side.

2015 Mountain West Cross Country Women 6K: 1. Allie Ostrandeer (Boise State); 1. New Mexico 24

BTrack Timing and Data Management - Contractor License Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER 12:53 PM 10/30/2015 Page 1
2015 Mountain West Cross Country Championship - 10/30/2015
Hosted by Univ of Nevada
Event 1 Women 6k Run CC
Name Year School Avg Mile Finals Points
1 #126 Ostrander, Allie Boise State 5:51.4 21:49.97 1
2 #111 Frerichs, Courtney New Mexico 5:55.5 22:05.19 2
3 #133 Everson, Hannah Air Force 5:57.3 22:12.11 3
4 #113 Wright, Alice New Mexico 6:00.6 22:24.42 4
5 #112 Auckland, Rhona New Mexico 6:04.8 22:39.98 5
6 #115 Renfer, Molly New Mexico 6:08.6 22:54.01 6
7 #114 Thackery, Calli New Mexico 6:08.9 22:55.14 7
8 #117 Tambet, Heleene New Mexico 6:09.0 22:55.47 8
9 #127 Peloquin, Brenna Boise State 6:09.2 22:56.17 9
10 #141 Kallner, Ali Colorado St. 6:14.1 23:14.40 10
11 #124 Holdiman, Anna Boise State 6:17.8 23:28.56 11
12 #119 Hosker-Thornhill, New Mexico 6:18.8 23:32.02 12
13 #173 Myers, Emily Nevada 6:19.1 23:33.14 13
14 #161 Carter, Kashley Utah State 6:21.4 23:41.68 14
15 #143 Spillar, McKenna Colorado St. 6:22.8 23:47.18 15
16 #151 White, Kerry Wyoming 6:23.8 23:50.81 16
17 #137 Skold, Samantha Air Force 6:24.8 23:54.56 17
18 #145 Gilfillan, Darby Colorado St. 6:25.0 23:55.37 18
19 #152 Brunette, Megan Wyoming 6:26.2 23:59.70 19
20 #121 Corless, Charlotte Boise State 6:29.2 24:11.01 20
21 #182 Beckingham, Jenny San Jose St. 6:30.8 24:16.72 21
22 #154 Hamilton, Lauren Wyoming 6:30.9 24:17.36 22
23 #134 Carina, Gillespie Air Force 6:31.1 24:17.97 23
24 #164 Winterton, Jaqueli Utah State 6:32.7 24:23.92 24
25 #176 Root, Erika Nevada 6:33.4 24:26.71 25
26 #118 Connor, Sophie New Mexico 6:33.5 24:26.77
27 #131 Burnham, Katherine Air Force 6:34.5 24:30.64 26
28 #147 Hess, Alexandra Colorado St. 6:35.5 24:34.47 27
29 #166 Yamauchi, Kelsey Utah State 6:36.9 24:39.57 28
30 #116 Bernal, Natasha New Mexico 6:37.5 24:41.65
31 #135 Long, Lindy Air Force 6:39.2 24:48.26 29
32 #123 Fuller, Alexis Boise State 6:40.4 24:52.67 30
33 #159 Pape, Isabella Wyoming 6:41.5 24:56.82 31
34 #178 Suan, Marissa Nevada 6:41.9 24:58.39 32
35 #216 Towner, Cassidy San Diego St. 6:42.1 24:58.97 33
36 #171 Devitt-Payne, Cait Nevada 6:42.1 24:59.06 34
37 #163 Parkinson, Tori Utah State 6:42.1 24:59.15 35
38 #149 Kreutz, Macy Colorado St. 6:42.4 25:00.17 36
39 #139 Vessa, Giulianna Air Force 6:42.6 25:00.70 37
40 #144 Yarrow, Laura Colorado St. 6:42.6 25:00.99 38
41 #183 Cahalan, Ashley San Jose St. 6:43.9 25:05.72 39
42 #211 Hanshaw, Grace San Diego St. 6:44.7 25:08.80 40
43 #156 Leonard, Kiah Wyoming 6:46.1 25:13.85 41
44 #146 White, Kate Colorado St. 6:46.5 25:15.21 42
45 #162 Heaps, Jacqueline Utah State 6:46.6 25:15.76 43
46 #204 Williams, Sara Unlv 6:46.8 25:16.48 44
47 #172 Evans, Mckenna Nevada 6:47.0 25:17.22 45
48 #191 Landa, Mackenzie Fresno State 6:48.2 25:21.78 46
49 #179 Wood, Meagan Nevada 6:50.5 25:30.35 47
50 #177 Root, Sidney Nevada 6:50.5 25:30.44 48
51 #188 Zambrano, Jeanette San Jose St. 6:50.9 25:31.95 49
Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER 12:53 PM 10/30/2015 Page 2
2015 Mountain West Cross Country Championship - 10/30/2015
Hosted by Univ of Nevada
....Event 1 Women 6k Run CC
52 #169 Malone, Hannah Utah State 6:51.0 25:32.10 50
53 #157 Cloetta, Catherine Wyoming 6:52.8 25:38.98 51
54 #128 Tostenson, Gracie Boise State 6:53.7 25:42.29 52
55 #153 Walker, Ali Wyoming 6:54.0 25:43.24 53
56 #155 Meade, Cassidy Wyoming 6:55.5 25:48.87
57 #184 Fujiwara, Melanie San Jose St. 6:56.4 25:52.28 54
58 #175 Preciado, Anna Nevada 6:57.1 25:55.06
59 #181 Aldapa, Adilene San Jose St. 6:57.9 25:57.74 55
60 #168 Maloney, Shannon Utah State 6:58.8 26:01.32 56
61 #186 Maokhamphiou, Lali San Jose St. 7:00.3 26:06.69 57
62 #122 Deitsch, Ali Boise State 7:02.1 26:13.69 58
63 #192 Rivera, Cristal Fresno State 7:03.4 26:18.43 59
64 #207 Regalado, Nikki Unlv 7:03.8 26:19.99 60
65 #194 Laygo, Brittany Fresno State 7:05.7 26:26.96 61
66 #158 VanDepol, Regan Wyoming 7:06.1 26:28.62
67 #215 Seynaeve, Lily San Diego St. 7:07.3 26:32.95 62
68 #202 Hobby, Rebecca Unlv 7:08.7 26:38.13 63
69 #203 Crowe-Carter, Auzs Unlv 7:09.0 26:39.33 64
70 #212 King, Cali San Diego St. 7:09.5 26:41.22 65
71 #185 Jauregui, Jenay San Jose St. 7:11.0 26:46.89 66
72 #214 Roesgen, Rachel San Diego St. 7:11.6 26:48.97 67
73 #205 Ziff, Angela Unlv 7:13.9 26:57.52 68
74 #165 Stoudt, Amanda Utah State 7:14.3 26:59.07
75 #201 Moore, Spencer Unlv 7:14.7 27:00.34 69
76 #187 Orozco, Diana San Jose St. 7:16.2 27:05.96
77 #174 Palladino, Shannon Nevada 7:16.8 27:08.28
78 #217 Sawatzki, Hannah San Diego St. 7:20.2 27:20.91 70
79 #206 Cassar, Brooke Unlv 7:26.5 27:44.53 71
80 #193 Paracholski, Meaga Fresno State 7:30.0 27:57.52 72
81 #132 Burns, Shanna Air Force 7:40.3 28:36.00 73
82 #195 Viramontes, Jennif Fresno State 7:47.2 29:01.64 74
83 #196 Nunez, Raven Fresno State 7:57.6 29:40.45 75
Team Scores
Rank Team Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9
1 New Mexico 24 2 4 5 6 7 8 12
Total Time: 1:52:58.74
Average: 22:35.75
2 Boise State 71 1 9 11 20 30 52 58
Total Time: 1:57:18.38
Average: 23:27.68
3 Air Force 98 3 17 23 26 29 37 73
Total Time: 1:59:43.54
Average: 23:56.71
Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER 12:53 PM 10/30/2015 Page 3
2015 Mountain West Cross Country Championship - 10/30/2015
Hosted by Univ of Nevada
....Event 1 Women 6k Run CC
4 Colorado St. 106 10 15 18 27 36 38 42
Total Time: 2:00:31.59
Average: 24:06.32
5 Wyoming 129 16 19 22 31 41 51 53
Total Time: 2:02:18.54
Average: 24:27.71
6 Utah State 144 14 24 28 35 43 50 56
Total Time: 2:03:00.08
Average: 24:36.02
7 Nevada 149 13 25 32 34 45 47 48
Total Time: 2:03:14.53
Average: 24:38.91
8 San Jose St. 218 21 39 49 54 55 57 66
Total Time: 2:06:44.41
Average: 25:20.89
9 San Diego St. 267 33 40 62 65 67 70
Total Time: 2:10:10.91
Average: 26:02.19
10 Unlv 299 44 60 63 64 68 69 71
Total Time: 2:11:51.45
Average: 26:22.29
11 Fresno State 312 46 59 61 72 74 75
Total Time: 2:15:06.33
Average: 27:01.27

2015 Mountain West Cross Country Championship Men 8K: 1. Jerrell Mock (Colorado State); 1 Air Force 49

Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER 12:15 PM 10/30/2015 Page 1
2015 Mountain West Cross Country Championship - 10/30/2015

Hosted by Univ of Nevada


What is the elevation of Montreux?

5,476-5,952 FT.

Event 2 Men 8k Run CC


Name Year School Avg Mile Finals Points


1 #32 Mock, Jerrell Colorado St. 5:17.1 26:16.26 1

2 #12 Corona, Patrick Air Force 5:20.0 26:30.41 2

3 #14 Eller, Kyle Air Force 5:20.0 26:30.52 3

4 #72 Derner, Aaron Wyoming 5:21.5 26:37.83 4

5 #29 Vennard, Michael Boise State 5:22.0 26:40.37 5

6 #42 Engholm, Elmar New Mexico 5:22.7 26:43.73 6

7 #34 Keith, Spencer Colorado St. 5:23.5 26:48.14 7

8 #31 Abbey, Jefferson Colorado St. 5:25.2 26:56.18 8

9 #21 Armstrong, Elijah Boise State 5:26.1 27:00.70 9

10 #11 Caddigan, Dan Air Force 5:26.3 27:01.65 10

11 #41 Milechman, Dan New Mexico 5:26.6 27:03.44 11

12 #22 Austin, Chandler Boise State 5:26.6 27:03.56 12

13 #13 Dorsey, Matt Air Force 5:27.1 27:05.73 13

14 #27 Park, Rhys Boise State 5:27.4 27:07.28 14

15 #36 Hamer, Eric Colorado St. 5:28.6 27:13.14 15

16 #24 DeHaven, Addison Boise State 5:28.8 27:14.35 16

17 #26 Oekerman, Dan Boise State 5:31.7 27:28.83 17

18 #71 Bowen, Amos Wyoming 5:32.1 27:30.59 18

19 #74 Morin, Dylan Wyoming 5:32.5 27:32.58 19

20 #75 Henry, Jonah Wyoming 5:32.5 27:32.83 20

21 #18 Shellhouse, Daniel Air Force 5:32.8 27:34.16 21

22 #37 Hartman, Adam Colorado St. 5:33.4 27:37.26 22

23 #55 Pina, Jose San Jose St. 5:34.4 27:41.94 23

24 #25 McAfee, Louis Boise State 5:37.2 27:55.78 24

25 #38 Kaempfen, Ricardo Colorado St. 5:37.2 27:55.85 25

26 #43 Thomas, Graham New Mexico 5:37.2 27:56.26 26

27 #39 Korhumel, Nick Colorado St. 5:37.7 27:58.40 27

28 #76 Faure, Ricky Wyoming 5:38.3 28:01.27 28

29 #52 Ernst, Jannik San Jose St. 5:38.3 28:01.64 29

30 #16 Johnston, Andrew Air Force 5:38.9 28:04.54 30

31 #82 Gill, Cooper Fresno State 5:39.0 28:05.05 31

32 #53 Gonzalez, Josue San Jose St. 5:39.3 28:06.68 32

33 #17 Milliron, Andrew Air Force 5:40.3 28:11.44 33

34 #28 Rodeheffer, John Boise State 5:40.5 28:12.28

35 #23 Campbell, Riley Boise State 5:40.7 28:13.21

36 #35 Fischer, Grant Colorado St. 5:41.0 28:14.68

37 #45 Kerr, Josh New Mexico 5:41.3 28:16.58 34

38 #19 Bilvado, Jacob Air Force 5:41.4 28:16.84

39 #81 Kwiatkowski, Matt Fresno State 5:41.7 28:18.24 35

40 #54 Huff, Craig San Jose St. 5:42.4 28:22.09 36

41 #63 Maggard, Dillon Utah State 5:42.8 28:23.63 37

42 #73 Pawlak, Alex Wyoming 5:43.9 28:29.29 38

43 #51 Branagh, Ben San Jose St. 5:46.5 28:42.07 39

44 #78 Downey, Michael Wyoming 5:46.6 28:42.58 40

45 #57 Zeratsion, Huruy San Jose St. 5:47.4 28:46.84 41

46 #84 Reyes, Efren Fresno State 5:47.7 28:48.03 42

47 #47 Castillo, Zac New Mexico 5:50.7 29:03.35 43

48 #61 Wilson, Colby Utah State 5:52.3 29:10.95 44

49 #66 Stutz, Jonathan Utah State 5:52.5 29:12.05 45

50 #64 Sheets, Justin Utah State 5:52.5 29:12.08 46

51 #15 Engel, Jason Air Force 5:52.7 29:13.06
Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER 12:15 PM 10/30/2015 Page 2
2015 Mountain West Cross Country Championship - 10/30/2015

Hosted by Univ of Nevada


....Event 2 Men 8k Run CC
52 #85 Gonzalez, Joel Fresno State 5:54.5 29:21.97 47

53 #65 Roberts, Tyler Utah State 5:54.7 29:23.13 48

54 #46 Mendoza, Jesus New Mexico 5:54.9 29:23.78 49

55 #86 Celum, Clay Fresno State 6:01.1 29:55.01 50

56 #68 Rummens, Andrew Utah State 6:05.6 30:17.12 51

57 #88 Cabanas, Uriel Fresno State 6:07.2 30:25.30 52

58 #56 Rodarte, Raul San Jose St. 6:07.9 30:28.61 53

59 #69 Fehlberg, Spencer Utah State 6:08.6 30:32.08 54

60 #83 Esparza, Nathan Fresno State 6:08.7 30:32.38 55

61 #67 Gould, Kody Utah State 6:10.5 30:41.49

Team Scores


Rank Team Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9


1 Air Force 49 2 3 10 13 21 30 33

Total Time: 2:14:42.47

Average: 26:56.50

2 Colorado St. 53 1 7 8 15 22 25 27

Total Time: 2:14:50.98

Average: 26:58.20

3 Boise State 56 5 9 12 14 16 17 24

Total Time: 2:15:06.26

Average: 27:01.26

4 Wyoming 89 4 18 19 20 28 38 40

Total Time: 2:17:15.10

Average: 27:27.02

5 New Mexico 120 6 11 26 34 43 49

Total Time: 2:19:03.36

Average: 27:48.68

6 San Jose St. 159 23 29 32 36 39 41 53

Total Time: 2:20:54.42

Average: 28:10.89

7 Fresno State 205 31 35 42 47 50 52 55

Total Time: 2:24:28.30

Average: 28:53.66

8 Utah State 220 37 44 45 46 48 51 54

Total Time: 2:25:21.84

Average: 29:04.37

New Mexico Women’s Cross Country Wins 8th-Straight MW Title

Women's Cross Country Winning 2015 Mountain West Champs
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Cross Country | | New Mexico Athletic Communications Courtesy NM

Women’s Cross Country Wins 8th-Straight MW Title

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RENO, Nev. — Thursday evening, the Mountain West announced that Friday's conference championships would be delayed a half hour due to frost.
But for the red-hot Lobo women, it didn't matter.
Placing seven runners in the top 12, the No. 1 University of New Mexico women's cross country team captured its eighth-straight team title in a resounding win at the 2015 Mountain West Cross Country Championships Friday in Reno, Nev.
The Lobos, who have won every Mountain West cross country title since 2008, torched the course at the MontrĂȘux Golf Club, scoring 24 team points against one of the most competitive fields in the conference's history.
"The women did great," New Mexico head coach Joe Franklin said. "They did a good job of making sure they got through the course. They ran a really good race. It was a little surreal almost."
The New Mexico men placed fifth as a team, breaking its streak of six consecutive team titles.
The UNM women placed all five of its scorers in the top seven, and compiled the lowest team score since it posted 20 points in 2010.
No. 9 Boise State finished second behind top-ranked New Mexico, scoring 71 points in the low-score-wins format. The Lobos' 47-point victory over the Broncos is the largest since now-departed member BYU registered a 51-point win over New Mexico, 23-74, in 2005.
Facing a difficult rolling course at the MontrĂȘux Golf Club, the New Mexico women continued to execute its strategy of team running, as it placed seven runners in the top 12 and all nine in the top 30.
Courtney Frerichs, as she's done in both of the Lobos' regular-season meets, led the charge, taking runner-up honors in 22 minutes, 5.19 seconds.
Frerichs' finish was New Mexico's best individual finish at the MW meet since Sammy Silva was second in 2013, and it's Frerichs third team-leading performance this season.
Alice Wright was UNM's next scorer, as she led a pack of Lobos from fourth to eighth place. Wright finished fourth in 22:24.42, ahead of Rhona Auckland (fifth, 22:39.98), Molly Renfer (sixth, 22:54.01) and Calli Thackery (seventh, 22:55.14).
That group is the same scoring five that New Mexico has relied on all season, with Renfer solidifying her place in the Lobos' vaunted lead pack.
All five also claimed First-Team All-Mountain West honors, the first time since 2002 five teammates earned first-team honors.
Heleene Tambet almost made a bid for a scoring finish, too, placing eighth in 22:55.47, just .33 seconds behind Thackery. Emily Hosker-Thornhill was 12th in 23:32.02, followed by Sophie Connor (26th, 24:26.77) and Albuquerque product Natasha Bernal (30th, 24:41.65).
"We're 8 to 10 deep of women that are very good and very supportive of each other," Franklin said. "It was really impressive to see them cross the line and look where their teammate are."
Boise State's Allie Ostrander was the individual champion and Female Athlete of the Year, while Air Force's Hannah Everson was third overall. Air Force was also third in the team standings with 98 points.
On the men's side, the Lobos couldn't extend their run of titles, placing fifth place as a team.
Against a field that included No. 16 Boise State, No. 26 Air Force and No. 30 Colorado State, the Lobos battled, but couldn't overcome one of the strongest fields in MW history.
First-team All-MW performer Engholm took sixth overall in 26:43.73, leading the Lobos to a team score of 120 points.
"People may look at the results and say, 'Oh, you got fifth,'" Franklin said. "Well, we did. They gave everything they could. We just weren't there today."
It's the lowest finish for the men since they placed fifth in 2005, and it's the most point scored since registering 123 in 2003.
Dan Milechman, who earned second-team all-conference honors, placed 11th (27:03.44), with Graham Thomas (26th, 27:56.26), Josh Kerr (37th, 28:16.58) and Zac Castillo (47th, 29:03.35) rounding out the Lobos' scoring.
Jesus Mendoza (54th, 29:23.78) and Matt Bergin (DNF) also ran for New Mexico.
Air Force usurped the Lobos' place atop the Mountain West, just edging Colorado State 49-53. Boise State was also in contention, placing third with 56 points.
Colorado State's Jerrell Mock won the individual title in 26:16.26, and was named MW Men's Athlete of the Year.
Franklin also emerged with a title, earning his eighth straight MW Women's Coach of the Year honor. No coach in MW history has won as many Women's Coach of the Year accolades as Franklin.
New Mexico will return to action in two weeks as it hosts the NCAA Mountain Region Championships at the UNM North Golf Course on Nov. 13.

NOTES: The Lobo women dominated the field, placing seven runners in front of seven other teams' top runner … The UNM women's top eight finishers combined to score 70 points, which would have won the championship against any other teams' five scorers … Seven women earned all-conference honors, the most since UNM did it in 2009

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  • Sophie ConnorBio
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  • Emily Hosker-ThornhillBio
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  • Heleene TambetBio
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  • Calli ThackeryBio
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  • Graham ThomasBio
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  • Alice WrightBio
    Alice Wright
  • Josh KerrBio
    Josh Kerr
  • Dan Milechman

Adoree' Jackson (Serra HS, Gardena; USC) Track Bio

Adoree' Jackson
Adoree'  Jackson
Belleville, Ill.
High School:

THIS YEAR - Freshman Adoree' Jackson will be competing in the long jump and sprints for the USC track and field team, following an impressive first year as a cornerback, receiver and returner for the football team. Jackson enters USC as one of the top high school long jumpers in the country, including winning the 2012 California state championship in the event. HIGH SCHOOL - Jackson is a 2014 graduate of Serra High in Gardena, Calif. and had high school bests of 25-5.25 (7.75m) in the long jump, 10.68 in the 100m and 21.59 in the 200m. Jackson's jump of 25-5.25 at the Chandler Rotary Elite Session was the second-farthest long jump by a high school athlete in 2014. He also placed second in the long jump at the New Balance Indoor Nationals with a jump of 24-4.50 (7.43m). Jackson ranked third in the country among high school long jumpers in 2013 and helped lead Serra to the 2013 CIF state championship as he placed second in the long jump with a leap of 24-7.50. He won the state long jump title as a sophomore with a jump of 25-0.50. He was named the 2012 Cal-Hi Sports California Sophomore Athlete of the Year and the 2013 Cal-Hi Sports California Junior Athlete of the Year. He was also a star receiver and defensive back on the football team earning numerous first-team All-America honors. His senior season in football he ran for 639 yards on 66 carries (9.7 avg.) and caught 38 passes for 812 yards (21.4 avg.) with seven touchdowns on offense, plus he had 36 tackes, six interceptions (3 returned for TDs), eight deflections and forced a fumble. He also had three returns for touchdowns, including a 92-yard punt return and a 93-yard kickoff return in the CIF Western Division final. PERSONAL - Adoree' was born on Sept. 18, 1995 in Belleville, Ill...He grew up in Illinois, then moved to California before his sophomore year at Serra. CAREER BESTS: Long Jump -- 25-5.25 (7.75m) 100m -- 10.68 200m -- 21.59

Adoree' Jackson (Serra HS; USC) Football Bio

Adoree' Jackson courtesy USC
Adoree'  Jackson
Belleville, IL
High School:
Height / Weight:
5-11 / 185


Jackson and Bricio Named USC Credit Union Student-Athletes of the Week

Bricio scored a career-high 34.0 points in the five-set victory over Stanford.

Jackson and Bricio Named USC Credit Union Student-Athletes of the Week

Bricio scored a career-high 34.0 points in the five-set victory over Stanford.

Kessler Leads No. 24 USC to 45-42 Win Over Huskers

Kessler completed 23 of 39 yards for 321 yards and three touchdowns for USC.

USC vs. Notre Dame: Postgame Notes

USC defeats Notre Dame, 49-14

USC 27, Cal 21

Photos from USC @ Cal on Oct. 31, 2015.

USC 42, Utah 24

Trojans take down undefeated Utah at home on Saturday.

Notre Dame 41, USC 31

Photos from USC @ Notre Dame on Oct 17, 2015

USC vs. Arizona State

The Trojans traveled to Tempe to take on the Sun Devils on Saturday night.

USC 55, Arkansas State 6

USC defeated Arkansas State 55-6 on Saturday night in the Coliseum.

@AdoreeKnows @adoreeknows In the News
What They're Saying
CAREER: He is already 14th on USC's career kickoff return list (684 yards).
2015: Jackson, the most exciting player in college football who is a candidate for major national awards like the Heisman, Thorpe and Hornung and All-American honors, returns as a starting cornerback and a dangerous kickoff returner, plus he figures to again see significant action at wide receiver. USC’s first 3-way player in nearly 20 years, he has drawn comparisons with former Michigan Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson (they posted comparable statistics). Jackson also is the defending Pac-12 long jump champion for USC’s track team who was fifth at the NCAA Meet to earn All-American status.
2014: Jackson made quite an impact on defense, offense and special teams as a first-year freshman cornerback, wide receiver and returner/coverage man in 2014. Overall in 2014 while appearing in all 13 games and starting 10 times at cornerback (at Stanford and then in USC's last 9 games) and once concurrently at wide receiver (Notre Dame), he had 49 tackles, including 4 for losses, 10 deflections, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery on defense, plus 10 receptions for 138 yards (13.8 avg) with 3 TDs and 1 carry for 5 yards (5.0 avg) on offense and 23 kickoff returns for 684 yards (29.7 avg) with 2 TD and 2 punt returns for 12 yards (6.0 avg).
He was used as a 3-way player in 8 games in 2014 (the first 4 and the last 4). The last Trojan to see a significant amount of time on offense/defense/special teams in a game was Chad Morton, who did so for several games in both his 1996 redshirt freshman and 1997 sophomore seasons when he played tailback, wide receiver, cornerback, safety and punt returner. Against Notre Dame in 2014, Jackson became the first Trojan to start on offense (wide receiver) and defense (cornerback) in a game since at least the late 1960s when starting records were first reliably kept during the 2-platoon era. Jackson's 2014 statistics were comparable to those of Michigan's 3-way star Charles Woodson when he won the Heisman in 1997.
He made the 2014 All-American second team (as a kickoff returner), as well as Football Writers Freshman All-American first team, Sporting News Freshman All-American first team, USA Today Freshman All-American first team, Scout Freshman All-American first team, Phil Steele Freshman All-American first team, Freshman All-American first team, True Freshman All-American first team and 247Sports True Freshman All-American first team. He was named the 2014 Pac-12 Defensive Freshman of the Year and made All-Pac-12 honorable mention, as well as the Athlon All-Pac-12 first team (as an all-purpose player), All-Pac-12 first team and Phil Steele All-Pac-12 second team (as a kickoff returner). He is second nationally in kickoff return TDs (2, first in Pac-12) and fifth in kickoff returns (29.7, second in Pac-12).
He had a tackle along with 3 receptions for 36 yards (with an 18-yard TD) and a 10-yard punt return against Fresno State while playing 52 plays (13 offense, 25 defense, 14 special teams). He had 2 tackles for loss, plus he caught a pass for minus 4 yards and returned 3 kickoffs for 81 yards at Boston College while playing 45 plays (2 offense, 30 defense, 13 special teams). Against Oregon State, he had a tackle and 2 deflections (including one that he tipped to teammate Leon McQuay, who made the interception) along with 2 kickoff returns for 58 yards while playing 44 plays (4 offense, 28 defense, 12 special teams). He had 5 tackles and returned 2 kickoffs for 56 yards against Arizona State. At Arizona, he had 7 tackles and returned a kickoff 34 yards. He had a 15-yard kickoff return and made a tackle before being sidelined with a hip injury against Colorado. He had 4 tackles (1 for a loss), a deflection, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery (on the same play) plus he returned 2 kickoffs for 127 yards (with a school record-tying 100-yarder for a TD) and a punt for 2 yards at Utah to earn College Football Performance Awards National Kickoff Returner of the Week and Pac-12 Special Teams Player of the Week honors. He had 8 tackles (1 for a loss) and 2 deflections, plus 3 kickoff returns for 67 yards, at Washington State. He had 5 tackles and 2 deflections on defense and 2 receptions for 17 yards on offense against California while playing 101 plays (75 on defense, 22 on special teams, 4 on offense). He had 5 tackles and a deflection and also returned 3 kickoffs for 54yards and had a 5-yard rush at UCLA while playing 97 plays (74 on defense, 22 on special teams and 1 on offense). He had 3 tackles and a deflection and caught a 16-yard TD against Notre Dame as he became the first Trojan to start on offense (wide receiver) and defense (cornerback) in a game since at least the late 1960s when starting records were first reliably kept during the 2-platoon era while playing 49 snaps (35 on defense, 6 on offense, 8 on special teams) before being sidelined late in the first half with a concussion. Against Nebraska, he made 7 tackles and a deflection, caught 3 passes for 73 yards with a 71-yard TD and returned 3 kickoffs for 130 yards with a Holiday Bowl-record 98-yard TD while playing 103 plays (78 on defense, 21 on special teams, 4 on offense) to earn USA Today All-Bowl Team, All-Bowl Team and Pac-12 All-Bowl Team honors.
TRACK: He was a long jumper and sprinter on USC’s track team in the spring of 2015. He won the 2015 Pac-12 long jump title with a leap of 25-3 ½. He also won the long jump at the UCLA dual meet (25-2 wind-aided) and the Trojan Invitational (24-4 ¼), and was seventh at the Mt. SAC Relays (24-4 ¼) and the NCAA West Prelims (25-8 wind-aided). He also ran the 100 meters, placing sixth at the UCLA dual (10.54) and seventh at the Pac-12 Meet (career-best 10.48, after going 10.53 in the prelims). He occasionally ran a leg on USC’s 400-meter relay team, even helping the quartet at the NCAA West Prelims advance to the NCAA Meet. At the NCAAs, he placed fifth in the long jump with a personal-best 25-11 ½ (eighth on the USC career list), becoming the first USC football letterman to earn track All-America honors in an individual event since Sultan McCullough in 2000 (100 meter dash) and in a field event since long jumper Luther Hayes in 1961, and he anchored the 400-meter relay team that finished fourth in 38.75 (second fastest in USC history).
HIGH SCHOOL: He made 2013 USA Today All-USA first team, Parade All-American first team, Prep Star All-American Dream Team, Max Preps All-American first team, Student Sports All-American first team, ESPN 300, Max Preps All-American Medium Schools first team, Cal-Hi Sports California Mr. Football, Cal-Hi Sports All-State first team, Max Preps All-State Division II first team, All-CIF Western Division Defensive Player of the Year, Los Angeles Times All-Area, Orange County Register Fab 15 first team, South Bay Daily Breeze All-South Bay Player of the Year, Wave Newspapers All-West Region Player of the Year and All-Mission League MVP as a senior wide receiver, running back, defensive back and return specialist at Serra High in Gardena (Calif.). He ran for 639 yards on 66 carries (9.7 avg) with 5 TDs and caught 38 passes for 812 yards (21.4 avg) with 7 TDs on offense in 2013, plus he had 36 tackles, 6 interceptions (3 for touchdowns), 8 deflections and a forced fumble on defense and he had 3 TDs on returns. Serra played in the 2013 CIF Western Division final (he had a 92-yard punt return and a 93-yard kickoff return in the game).
As a 2012 junior, he made Max Preps All-American Medium Schools second team, Max Preps All-American Junior second team, Cal-Hi Sports All-State first team, Cal-Hi Sports All-State Junior first team, All-CIF Western Division Defensive Player of the Year, Los Angeles Times All-Area, South Bay Daily Breeze All-South Bay Player of the Year, Los Angeles Wave Player of the Year and All-Mission League Defensive MVP. He had 33 receptions for 546 yards (16.6 avg) with 5 TDs and 175 yards on 7 carries (25.0 avg) with 5 TDs on offense, plus he had 56 tackles, 5 interceptions, 7 deflections, 2 forced fumbles and a fumble recovery on defense and averaged 37.8 yards on 12 punts. Serra won the 2012 CIF Western Division (he had a 78-yard TD run on a fake punt in the game) and CIF state championship Division II bowl game (he had a 95-yard run on a fake punt in the game).
As a sophomore in 2011, he made Cal-Hi Sports All-State Sophomore first team, South Bay Daily Breeze All-South Bay first team and All-Mission League first team as he had 2 receptions for 39 yards (19.5 avg) and made 23 tackles, 6 interceptions and 10 deflections.
He also was on a guard on Serra's basketball team and was on its track team, with career bests of 10.68 in the 100 meters, 21.59 in the 200 and 25-5.25 in the long jump. Serra won the 2013 CIF state championship while he placed second in the long jump at 24-7. He won the 2012 state long jump title at 20-0.5. He was named the 2012 Cal-Hi Sports California Sophomore Athlete of the Year and 2013 Cal-Hi Sports California Junior Athlete of the Year. Current Trojans Jalen Greene, Olajuwon Tucker, Jalen Jones, Rasheem Green, John Houston Jr., Deontay Burnett and Caleb Wilson also prepped at Serra.
He grew up in Illinois, then moved to California before his sophomore year at Serra.

PERSONAL: He is a communication major at USC. He grew up in Illinois, then moved to California before his sophomore year at Serra.
2014 (Fr.)...494/7101

2014 (Fr.)...1013813.8371155.005

2014 (Fr.)...2368429.7210021212.0010

Fresno St.10/000
Bost. Coll.22/400
Ore. St.10/020
Arizona St.*50/000
Wash. St.*81/120
Notre Dame**30/010
2014 (Fr.)...494/7101

Fresno St.33612.0118000.000
Bost. Coll.1-4-4.00-4000.000
Notre Dame*11616.0116000.000
2014 (Fr.)...1013813.8371155.005

Fresno St.000.00011010.0010
Bost. Coll.38127.0050000.000
Ore. St.25829.0035000.000
Arizona St.*25628.0032000.000
Wash. St.*36722.3035000.000
2014 (Fr.)...2368429.7210021212.0010
*Starter on defense
*Starter on defense and offense

Tee Martin, USC wide receivers coach: "He has an unbelievable amount of talent. He can handle the installation on offense and defense and it's seamless. The one thing that stands out is how smart and productive he is."
Max Browne, USC quarterback: "I'm just impressed with the way he moves back in forth between offense and defense."
Steve Sarkisian, USC head coach: "I'm trying to find a flaw right now with the guy. He's prepared, he studies, he gets his rest, he recovers, he comes energized and, ultimately, he knows what he's doing and he's making plays."
USC offensive coordinator Clay Helton: “Whether it's defense, offense--we fight over him every day. I've been fortunate enough to be around here and in other years it's, 'There's Robert Woods, there's Marqise Lee, there's Nelson Agholor.' Who is the next superstar? This guy is. He's an ultra-special talent and I don't care if it's wideout, running back, corner. He's just really special…Every time he touches the ball, you hold your breath because he can take it 80 yards. He’s electric. He’s such an offensive weapon that I’m glad we’re allowed to borrow him at times."
Jake Davidson, Daily Trojan: "Jackson is already the best cover corner in the secondary. His return skills are so feared that teams are already kicking away from him. Not to mention the fact that though he has touched the ball sparingly on offense, he is a threat to score every time he gets his gloves on the pigskin."
Lindsey Thiry, Los Angeles Times: “There’s no dream too big for Adoree’ Jackson. He is intent about winning the Thorpe Award, Heisman Trophy and a medal in track and field at the 2015 Olympics.”
Michael Lev, Orange County Register: “If you’re looking for something to feel good about regarding the present and future of USC football, look no further than Adoree’ Jackson. What a player. What a playmaker.”
Tom Fornelli, “Oh how I adore Jackson…He could easily wind up being the country’s most exciting player. Jackson is the kind of talent who could cause a coaching staff civil war as offensive and defensive coaches battle keep Jackson to themselves. While it’d be understandable to want to limit Jackson to one side of the ball, USC is probably better served just getting him on the field as often as possible, because good things happen when he is.”
Vincent Bonsignore, Los Angeles Daily News: “Jackson isn’t just fast, he’s really fast. Mix that with uncanny football skills, Floyd Mayweather head fakes and the ability to make his hips go one way and the rest of his body another is the sort of unfair combination most opponents can’t quite deal with.”
Cooper Perkins, Fox Sports: "“Fans and media watching practices struggle to understand why opposing quarterbacks would so much as consider throwing in Adoree’s direction. With his fantastic closing ability and natural feel for the cornerback position, he is already leaps and bounds ahead of the curve.”
Kyle Bonagura, “His presence alone had a tendency to affect play calling and decision-making. A rare quality for any player, even more so for a player as young as Jackson…He's expected to be one of the most exciting players in college football for at least the next two years.”

Here is how CB-WR-RET Adoree' Jackson's 2014 freshman year statistics compare to the last 3-way player to win the Heisman Trophy, 1997 winner Charles Woodson (CB-WR-RET) of Michigan:

Adoree' Jackson, 2014, Freshman:
49 tac, 4 for loss, 10 dfl
10 rec, 138 yds (13.8 avg), 3 TD
23 KOR, 684 yds (29.7 avg), 2 TD

Charles Woodson, 1997 (Heisman Trophy), Junior:
44 tac, 5 for loss, 9 dfl, 8 int
12 rec, 238 yds (19.8 avg), 2 TD
36 PR, 301 yds (8.4 avg), 1 TD

USC Earns 27-21 Victory Against Cal

USC Earns 27-21 Victory Against Cal
courtesy USC

Oct. 31, 2015 Final Stats |  Notes |  USATSI Photo Gallery 
 | Final Statistics (PDF) 
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) Adoree Jackson returned an interception 46 yards for a touchdown and Ronald Jones ran for 80 yards and a score to lead USC to its 12th straight win against California, 27-21 on Saturday.
Tre Madden also had a touchdown run and Cody Kessler threw for 186 yards to lead the Trojans (5-3, 3-2 Pac-12), who won for the second straight week under interim coach Clay Helton.
Jared Goff threw the interception that put the Golden Bears (5-3, 2-3) in a 17-point hole in the third quarter and sent Cal to a third straight loss following a promising start to the season. Goff threw for 272 yards and two TDs, but was intercepted twice as the Bears are still searching for that elusive sixth win that will make them eligible for a bowl for the first time since 2011.
The Trojans took control of this game with two big plays in a span of 23 seconds in the third quarter. First, Madden capped a 67-yard drive to open the second half by scoring on a 2-yard run on fourth-and-1.
On the next play after the kickoff, Goff was pressured and threw up a floating pass that Jackson intercepted and returned for the score that made it 24-7. Jackson, who came into the game with 17 catches and two TDs on offense, came up with his first interception of the season.
Cal answered with a TD drive of its own capped by a 6-yard run by Daniel Lasco but Kevon Seymour intercepted Goff early in the fourth quarter to preserve the 13-point lead.
Goff hit Stephen Anderson with a 9-yard touchdown pass that made it 27-21 with 3:52 to play.
But Madden converted a third-and-1 when he popped outside for a 14-yard gain after being hit in the backfield. Justin Davis then converted a third-and-6, allowing the Trojans to run out the clock.
After losing a fumble by Khalfani Muhammad on the opening drive, the Bears drove down to score on their next possession when Goff hit Bryce Treggs with a 6-yard pass on fourth-and-1. That marked the first time since 2007 that Cal led USC at any point in a game in a sign of how one-sided this rivalry has been.
The Bears didn't enjoy the lead for long as the Trojans tied the game on a 13-yard run by Ronald Jones and took the lead in the closing seconds of the half on a 22-yard field goal by Alex Wood.



Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 Pac-12 Cross Country Championships: Colorado women complete sweep, Stanford's Cuffe wins again

2015 Pac-12 Cross Country Championships: Colorado women complete sweep, Stanford's Cuffe wins again

Ashley Davis
COLFAX, Wash. — Running down the home stretch all by her lonesome, Stanford's Aisling Cuffe was right where she belonged. After sitting out last season due to injury, the Stanford cross country star outpaced the competition to claim the 2015 Pac-12 Women's Cross Country Championship individual title Friday, two years after she won it in Colorado.
"It means a lot in terms of just sticking with it and mentally staying in the game for that long," Cuffe said. "Also, I'm really appreciative of every race I get to run. The one thing about being out, is you learn how much you miss racing when you're out. Just enjoying every single race and enjoying being back with my teammates is the best part."
Cuffe also brought home another piece of hardware, as she was recognized as the Pac-12 Cross Country Scholar-Athlete of the Year following the race.
While Cuffe took home the top individual honor, the women from No. 3 Colorado claimed the school's second Pac-12 team title in three years. Not to mention the Buffs completed a sweep of the day, as the top-ranked men's squad took home their fifth straight Pac-12 Cross Country Championship.
Once again, Colorado coach Mark Wetmore's crew has set the bar high heading into the NCAA regional and national championship meets.
"I'm blessed," Wetmore said. "I get wonderful men and young women. We have a great staff and great support at Colorado. It's a lot of hard work, but without that level of support, it wouldn't happen."
Colorado (45) edged out No. 5 Oregon (51) in a close team competition, while No. 10 Stanford (80) rounded out the top three. Following Cuffe (19:53.10) in the 6,000-meter race were Colorado's Kaitlyn Benner (19:55.50) and Washington's Maddie Meyers (19:56.80).
Friday's competition marked the 16th time in 30 years that a school from the Conference of Champions swept the cross country championships, and the first since Colorado accomplished the feat in 2011.
"To be able to do that together and with the guys winning, too, it's a really great feeling." Benner said. "This is something that we've all really thought about wanting to do and thought about how great it would be. So it's really nice that we worked hard enough and pulled it all off."
While Wetmore said it's reasonable to expect his men's side to claim its third straight NCAA championship, he said the women will have to put together strong meets at the NCAA mountain regionals and eventually nationals, where they'll be facing perennial No. 1 team New Mexico.
"It's an optimistic goal for the women," Wetmore said. "New Mexico's very, very good. They probably have to stumble a bit for us to beat them. But we'll try."
Courtesy Pac-12

Pac-12 Women Teams: 1. Colorado 45; Individual 1. Aisling Cuffe (Stanford)

Final StandingsScoreScoring OrderTotalAvg.Finish Order
1Colorado452-4-7-8-24 (27) (29)1:40:5820:122-4-7-8-24-27-290:42.8
2Oregon515-6-11-14-15 (26) (33)1:41:1920:165-6-11-14-15-26-330:25.1
3Stanford801-12-19-23-25 (30) (32)1:42:0220:251-12-19-23-25-30-320:46.4
4Washington923-16-17-22-34 (38) (43)1:42:1520:273-16-17-22-34-40-460:54.3
5Utah14910-21-37-39-42 (44) (47)1:43:5520:4710-21-39-41-45-47-510:43.5
6Arizona State16218-20-28-45-51 (54) (65)1:44:1020:5018-20-28-48-58-63-780:52.9
7California20413-40-48-50-53 (69) (82)1:45:2421:0513-42-52-55-62-84-1051:06.5
8Arizona23731-36-41-58-71 (74) (76)1:46:3721:2031-38-43-68-86-90-951:26.1
9UCLA2419-55-56-60-61 (63) (64)1:47:1121:279-65-66-71-72-75-761:29.0
10Washington St.26235-46-49-62-70 (72) (73)1:47:1521:2736-49-54-74-85-88-891:17.5
11Oregon State32152-59-67-68-75 (78) (79)1:49:4521:5759-70-82-83-91-98-990:59.0
12USC36157-66-77-80-81 (83)1:53:4122:4567-80-97-100-104-1062:17.1

Individual Results

Athlete#TeamScoreTimeGapAvg. MileAvg. kM
1Cuffe, Aisling115Stanford119:53.1--5:19.83:18.8
2Benner, Kaitlyn58Colorado219:55.50:02.45:20.53:19.2
3Meyers, Maddie192Washington319:56.80:03.75:20.83:19.5
4Clark, Erin60Colorado419:58.60:05.55:21.33:19.8
5Neer, Waverly86Oregon520:00.60:07.65:21.93:20.1
6Cash, Alli80Oregon620:05.30:12.25:23.13:20.9
7Nun, Melanie64Colorado720:11.10:18.05:24.73:21.8
8Alm, Maddie57Colorado820:14.50:21.45:25.63:22.4
9Johnson, Carolina140UCLA920:17.50:24.55:26.43:22.9
10McInturff, Hannah173Utah1020:20.40:27.35:27.23:23.4
11Grabill, Molly81Oregon1120:22.10:29.05:27.63:23.7
12Fraser, Vanessa116Stanford1220:23.50:30.45:28.03:23.9
13Williams, Marissa45California1320:24.00:30.95:28.13:24.0
14Berge, Frida79Oregon1420:25.30:32.25:28.53:24.2
15Schmaedick, Maggie88Oregon1520:25.70:32.65:28.63:24.3
16Maxwell, Anna191Washington1620:25.90:32.85:28.73:24.3
17Prouse, Charlotte195Washington1720:26.80:33.75:28.93:24.5
18Ortega, Samantha25Arizona State1820:27.90:34.85:29.23:24.6
19Maxwell, Julia119Stanford1920:30.10:37.05:29.83:25.0
20Olivas, Adriana24Arizona State2020:33.70:40.65:30.73:25.6
21Feeny, Sarah171Utah2120:34.00:40.95:30.83:25.7
22Knight, Katie189Washington2220:34.30:41.25:30.93:25.7
23Chase, Sophie114Stanford2320:35.90:42.85:31.33:26.0
24Jones, Dani62Colorado2420:38.30:45.25:32.03:26.4
25Saunders, Claudia123Stanford2520:39.50:46.45:32.33:26.6
26Leblanc, Annie83Oregon2620:39.80:46.75:32.43:26.6
27Verdon, Carrie65Colorado2720:40.20:47.15:32.53:26.7
28Totten, Chelsey27Arizona State2820:41.30:48.25:32.83:26.9
29Constien, Val61Colorado2920:42.50:49.45:33.13:27.1
30Katz, Danielle117Stanford3020:43.40:50.35:33.33:27.2
31Callahan, Molly1Arizona3120:44.20:51.15:33.53:27.4
32Long, Hannah118Stanford3220:46.10:53.05:34.13:27.7
33Maton, Ashley85Oregon3320:47.80:54.75:34.53:28.0
34Fulton, Eleanor185Washington3420:51.00:57.95:35.43:28.5
35McNamara, Molly120Stanford--20:51.30:58.25:35.53:28.5
36Linton, CharLee216Washington St.3520:51.50:58.55:35.53:28.6
37Abrahamson, Emma77Oregon--20:52.30:59.25:35.73:28.7
38Zerrenner, Addi8Arizona3620:56.71:03.65:36.93:29.4
39Hurst, Susannah172Utah3720:57.61:04.55:37.13:29.6
40Flanagan, Kaylee184Washington3820:58.31:05.25:37.33:29.7
41Chavez, Andrea169Utah3920:58.71:05.65:37.43:29.8
42Bordes, Megan38California4021:00.61:07.55:38.03:30.1
43Green, Claire5Arizona4121:02.31:09.25:38.43:30.4
44Baxter, Sarah78Oregon--21:03.41:10.35:38.73:30.6
45Sams, Jessica174Utah4221:03.91:10.85:38.83:30.6
46Sanders, Jenna196Washington4321:05.01:12.05:39.13:30.8
47Todd, Jocelyn179Utah4421:05.31:12.25:39.23:30.9
48Maack, Jenna23Arizona State4521:06.51:13.45:39.53:31.1
49Bortfeld, Devon210Washington St.4621:08.31:15.25:40.03:31.4
50Hamlin, Emily186Washington--21:09.41:16.35:40.33:31.6
51Crook, Shaylen170Utah4721:12.71:19.65:41.23:32.1
52Santisteban, Kelsey43California4821:13.61:20.55:41.43:32.3
53May, Lucy63Colorado--21:14.11:21.05:41.63:32.3
54Willson, Morgan218Washington St.4921:14.61:21.55:41.73:32.4
55Mendoza, Mariel42California5021:15.11:22.05:41.83:32.5
56Mehra, Rebecca122Stanford--21:16.71:23.65:42.33:32.8
57Bradley, Lindsey183Washington--21:20.01:27.05:43.23:33.3
58Juan Torres, Cristina21Arizona State5121:20.71:27.65:43.33:33.4
59Cavalluzzo, Holly103Oregon State5221:22.81:29.75:43.93:33.8
60Hull, Jessica82Oregon--21:24.31:31.35:44.33:34.1
61Blakely, Eryn59Colorado--21:24.91:31.85:44.53:34.1
62Bell, Georgia37California5321:30.51:37.45:46.03:35.1
63Corbin, Shaina20Arizona State5421:35.81:42.75:47.43:36.0
64Snell, Dana177Utah--21:37.41:44.35:47.83:36.2
65Powers, Ashlee141UCLA5521:39.91:46.85:48.53:36.6
66Rizk, Julia142UCLA5621:42.41:49.35:49.23:37.1
67Berdousi, Katerina162USC5721:43.01:49.95:49.33:37.2
68Ferron, Kayla3Arizona5821:43.61:50.55:49.53:37.3
69Wassum, Sadie180Utah--21:43.71:50.65:49.53:37.3
70Mount, Juliana110Oregon State5921:43.91:50.95:49.63:37.3
71Shirif, Aliya146UCLA6021:44.11:51.05:49.63:37.3
72Yamane, Veronica148UCLA6121:46.51:53.45:50.33:37.7
73Sarmiento, Becky175Utah--21:49.41:56.35:51.03:38.2
74Pavey, Steffie217Washington St.6221:51.21:58.15:51.53:38.5
75Scharmann, Emily143UCLA6321:51.81:58.75:51.73:38.6
76Taite, Taylor147UCLA6421:52.21:59.15:51.83:38.7
77Lawson, Kelly190Washington--21:54.22:01.15:52.33:39.0
78Benoit-Bucher, Hannah19Arizona State6521:58.32:05.25:53.43:39.7
79Kaluzny, Kaitlin22Arizona State--22:01.02:07.95:54.13:40.2
80Ent, Rebekah163USC6622:04.82:11.75:55.23:40.8
81McNulty, Abbie112Stanford--22:05.52:12.45:55.33:40.9
82Kelly, Kira108Oregon State6722:07.72:14.65:55.93:41.3
83Lewis, Samantha109Oregon State6822:08.22:15.15:56.13:41.4
84Herberg, Natalie40California6922:08.22:15.15:56.13:41.4
85Dwyer, Emily213Washington St.7022:09.02:15.95:56.33:41.5
86Vergara, Kirsten7Arizona7122:10.22:17.15:56.63:41.7
87Owen, Jen26Arizona State--22:12.52:19.45:57.23:42.1
88Dittmann, Katherine212Washington St.7222:13.92:20.85:57.63:42.3
89Allaet, Anisa209Washington St.7322:16.82:23.75:58.43:42.8
90Penney, Kate6Arizona7422:20.32:27.25:59.33:43.4
91Anderson, Morgan102Oregon State7522:21.82:28.75:59.73:43.6
92Seay, Sabrina144UCLA--22:25.52:32.46:00.73:44.2
93Garcia, Alexys214Washington St.--22:34.12:41.16:03.03:45.7
94Henderson, Amanda215Washington St.--22:41.82:48.76:05.13:47.0
95Gaffney, McKenna4Arizona7622:45.42:52.36:06.03:47.6
96Brooks, Kelly137UCLA--22:46.82:53.76:06.43:47.8
97Tong, Jenna168USC7722:53.53:00.46:08.23:48.9
98Demaree, Adrienne104Oregon State7822:56.13:03.06:08.93:49.3
99Tremblay, Maureen111Oregon State7922:57.83:04.76:09.43:49.6
100Gore, Amber165USC8022:59.33:06.26:09.83:49.9
101Wilson, Macaulay113Oregon State--23:07.63:14.56:12.03:51.3
102Brown, Josie211Washington St.--23:13.03:19.96:13.43:52.2
103Cushing-Murray, Jessica138UCLA--23:31.23:38.16:18.33:55.2
104Smith, Mikaela167USC8124:00.04:07.06:26.14:00.0
105Colter, Jordyn39California8224:12.74:19.66:29.54:02.1
106Glynn, Rachel164USC8324:16.24:23.26:30.44:02.7
107Gordon, Kaely106Oregon State--24:23.74:30.66:32.44:03.9