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Oakland Invitaitonal Relays Results

25 MAR 2017 Press Release Kampala, Uganda

IAAF/LOC press conference highlights – IAAF World Cross Country Championships Kampala 2017

On the eve of the IAAF World Cross Country Championships Kampala 2017, some of the world’s top middle and long distance runners joined IAAF President Sebastian Coe, dignitaries from the Local Organising Committee and IAAF Ambassadors Tegla Loroupe and Paul Tergat at the pre-event press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in central Kampala on Saturday (25).

A ‘Big moment for Uganda, for Africa’

“The quality of performances you will see tomorrow absolutely and quintessentially exemplifies the fact that this is a truly global sport,” Coe said, speaking to more than 70 journalists gathered at the press conference.
“557 athletes from 59 countries are here. This is a big moment. It’s a big moment for Uganda because it’s the first time the country is hosting a world athletics series event. It’s a big moment for Africa. Because bringing our championships here was one of my commitments and was echoed amongst my Council colleagues. There’s no greater heartland for that talent and that passion than Africa for these cross country championships.”
“This is a country, and this is a continent that takes cross country very seriously. And that’s very close to my heart.”
Charles Bakkabulindi, the LOC chairman & Minister of State for Sports, echoed those sentiments.
“I’m so excited,” he said. “It began as a dream some years back that the World Cross Country Championships would be in Africa, in Uganda. The country is excited. We are looking forward to tomorrow at Kololo.”
“Kampala is very proud to host the 42nd edition of these championships,” Andrew Kitaka, acting Executive Director of Kampala City Authority, added. “The 557 athletes that have come here show the true recognition of the importance of this event.”

Helping refugee communities

Coe and local organisers had hoped that a 60th squad representing an Athletes Refugee Team would be taking part in Sunday’s championships, but administrative hurdles ultimately prevented the members from making the trip to Kampala.
Coe paid tribute to IAAF Ambassador Tegla Loroupe whose Peace Foundation initiated the refugee team concept in 2014, a project funded by the IAAF, and noted that efforts remain in motion to ensure that refugees are represented at future IAAF World Athletics Series events.
“We will be doing everything we possibly can to have that refugee team represented and be with us at the IAAF World Relays in Bahamas in a few weeks time,” Coe said.
“Tegla came to the IAAF a few years ago with the concept that wherever possible, that the sport should reach out to challenged communities.
“I take great pride that it was the IAAF that initially funded and saw the vision sitting behind Tegla’s foundation. Had it not been for that initial work we would not have been celebrating the refugee team in Rio last year.”
Loroupe underscored that the project is a critical long-term commitment of her foundation.
“I really want to thank the IAAF for helping us with the refugee communities, knowing that one day they will be participating in this event,” Loroupe said. “As you all know it is difficult for refugees to travel.”
“But we are not discouraged,” she added.
“The IAAF has given great solidarity to the refugee athletes. It’s all about using sport to bring our people together. (The IAAF) have given us the opportunity to show that the person who is a called a refugee is not a bad person. That they are not bad people. But that they are people who can contribute to society and to sport.”

Mixed relay - ‘A new experience’

While this edition will not, unfortunately, see the participation of a refugee team, Kampala will introduce the inaugural mixed relay, a concept that helped bring Asbel Kiprop, a world and Olympic 1500m champion, back into the World Cross Country Championships for the first time since he won the junior race in Mombasa in 2007.
“When the IAAF introduced the mixed relay, I must say thank you,” he said.
“This is what brought me back to cross country. It’s a new experience and is going to be very interesting. This race, and the World Relays, is all also an important part of the build-up towards London.”
He’s also pleased that like in 2007, he didn’t have to travel too far.
“Having the world come to east Africa, I feel proud to come to these championships as an athlete.”
So does Stephen Kiprotich, a former world and Olympic marathon champion, and the host nation’s biggest star at these championships.
“I’m very happy for the world to come to my country,” he said, expressing the home team’s aspirations. “This race is very important to us. If given the chance tomorrow, we’re going to do our best (to win team gold).”
Faith Kipyegon, the reigning Olympic 1500m champion and two-time winner at these championships in the junior ranks, is part of a strong Kenyan squad who have also arrived in the Ugandan capital with lofty ambitions.
“I think we have trained well and I think we will do well,” said. “I think we are strong. And I’m ready.”
Also looking forward to the event is Kenyan cross country legend Paul Tergat, who raced to five consecutive world titles in the late 1990s.
“Cross country is in my veins,” he said. “So I am very proud of my work as an Ambassador. I do it with a lot of pride, commitment, and passion.”
So does Canada’s Sasha Gollish, this year’s NACAC champion, who is part of her country’s rising wave of internationally competitive talent.
“It’s a really exciting time in Canada,” she said. “Before it might have been that we one person competitive in each event, and now we have many more. There really is a change.”

Challenging east African dominance

Globally however, mounting a serious challenge to east African overall dominance in cross country appears far from the horizon. Addressing a reporter’s question about the decline in cross country participation and performance in some European countries, Coe’s response was direct.
“I think it’s not remotely non-coincidental to the fact that cross country isn't taken seriously as it once was,” he said.
“It was a part of my staple diet, it was a part of the diet of my fellow countrymen that were performing extremely well. And if you went into most other European countries young athletes were brought up to believe that cross country was an inseparable part of their pathway to top performances. We've got to return to the fundamental belief among the younger generation of coaches that cross country is very important part of their programme.”
On a more upbeat note, Coe also spoke to cross country’s more universal appeal.
“If there is one message from me this morning, it’s to the new generation of coaches to recognise that cross country isn’t just a physical or mental strength. It actually brings running communities together in one of the purest forms in our sport.”
Bob Ramsak for the IAAF

A Team Divided

As Patrick Wales-Dinan has led the women’s distance running program to new heights, he’s also been the subject of controversy and administrative investigation.

The Murr Center
The Murr Center houses several Harvard athletic facilities.
The runners on the Harvard women’s cross country and track teams have been on a winning streak recently.

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CBS News March 24, 2017, 4:37 AM

Two killed when high school team bus, 18-wheeler, car collide

Last Updated Mar 24, 2017 7:25 AM EDT
Two people were killed when a bus carrying a Texas high school boys track team back from a meet got into an accident with an 18-wheeler and a car Thursday night, officials say.

Daveed Diggs

Senior profile: Daveed Diggs - The Brown Daily Herald
Sep 22, 2004 - Excelling in track, Diggs '04 breaks the mold in theater and ... It takes a lot more than a prolonged winter to dampen Daveed Diggs' spirit.

Daveed Diggs was a track star at Brown University. Now he's a rap ...
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Daveed Diggs - Brown
Daveed took 6th in the 110m Hurdles at the 2001 Outdoor Heptagonal Championships, and competed in the IC4A outdoors. He brought his PR down to 14.72, ...

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Alma mater, Brown University. Occupation, Actor, rapper, singer. Years active, 2006–present. Website, Official website. Daveed Daniele Diggs (born January 24, 1982) is an American actor and rapper. He is the ...
Nationality‎: ‎American
Alma mater‎: ‎Brown University
Years active‎: ‎2006–present
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{"cb":15,"cl":3,"cr":18,"ct":3,"id":"L4W_SuPdv2XNdM:","oh":909,"ou":"","ow":606,"pt":"Daveed Diggs on His Hebrew School Roots, Meeting Crazy Celebrities ...","rh":"","ru":"","st":"","th":102,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcRuXG_YJK63xNp_rywITgqLmVAQrw72PM3-xbAl63qv99cMgujSgMo8XA","tw":68}
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{"cb":12,"cl":12,"cr":21,"ct":6,"id":"wRa4F2AmCBsQPM:","oh":4176,"ou":"\u003d90\u0026strip\u003dall","ow":2694,"pt":"I went from couch-surfing to starring on Broadway\u0026#39; | New York Post","rh":"","ru":"","st":"New York Post","th":104,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcTzviUKjmmDObY7oKYFwsfjHGRSFKTDAu3NPDgYKJj-tPKhYmGmzz1iwA","tw":67}
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{"cb":21,"cl":21,"cr":21,"ct":21,"id":"cO_EwE58zD43bM:","oh":478,"ou":"","ow":850,"pt":"Daveed Diggs was a track star at Brown University. Now he\u0026#39;s a rap ...","rh":"","ru":"","st":"","th":90,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQSe8pKyhhLZj9MTHcURudyeLf7c3MYyJzKwN9sFCtapqU8EmJo3ZR8GhY","tw":160}
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Daveed Diggs (Berkeley High School 2000)

Daveed Diggs (Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas JeffersonDaveed Diggs
Since gracing the Richard Rodgers stage as both Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, Daveed Diggs has been hard at work on TV. Diggs both appeared and narrated in the 6-episode first part of the Netflix Original series The Get Down. The TV show is based on the life of a young poet, Zeke, who aspires to become a famous hip hop star growing up in the 70’s. Diggs plays an older and wiser Zeke with the rapping voice of “One Mic” rapper Nas. Daveed is also starring in the ABC sitcom as Johan Johnson, Rainbow Johnson’s (Tracee Ellis Ross) brother. Besides working on various TV projects, Diggs is going to Hollywood and starring in the upcoming Lionsgate movie, Wonder. He will be playing Mr. Browne, an English teacher at the protagonist’s (Jacob Tremblay plays Auggie Pullman) Elementary school. The movie is set to come out in theatres November 17, 2017. Wonder will also star Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Mandy Patinkin.


Keith Conning: Daveed Diggs (Berkeley High School) won the North Coast Section and placed third in the State Meet high hurdles in 2000.

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Chelsey (Totten) Albertson (Golden Valley HS, Newhall; Arizona State)


Chelsey Albertson

  • Position
  • Height
  • Class
  • Highschool
    Golden Valley HS
  • Hometown
    Santa Clarita, Calif.


Chelsey Totten Top Times
 MILE RUN 4:54.78 2016 Texas A&M Quadrangular
 3k RUN 9:22.86 2016 Iowa State Classic
 5k RUN 16:03.47 2017 Iowa State Classic
 800m 2:14.72 2015 Baldy Casitllo Invite
 1500m 4:20.24 2017 Baldy Castillo Invite
 3k RUN 9:45.09 2016 Duel in the Desert
 5k RUN 16:19.07 2015 Mt. SAC Relays
 3k STEEPLE 11:31.02 2014 Double Dual Meet
2017 Outdoor:
  • Clocked a new PR in the 1500m at the Baldy Castillo Invite, which now ranks 6th all-time
  • Won Pac-12 Women's Track Athlete of the Week on March 21
2017 Indoor:
  • Ran a new personal best in the 5,000m event at the Iowa State Classic, recording a 16:03.47 to jump into 3rd all-time on the ASU indoor list; it was the best time ran since Olympian Amy Hastings ran the ASU record in 2007
  • Placed 5th in the 5k event and 14th in the 3k at the MPSF Championships
  • Earned points for the Sun Devils placing 3rd overall in the 3k RUN at the Aggie Invitational
2016 Indoor/Outdoor:
  • Placed 10th at the Pac-12 Outdoor Championships in the 5k event
  • Finished the 1500m with a time of 4:21.26 at the Pac-12 vs Big-10 Invitational, a new collegiate best
  • Was part of the 4x800 relay team that broke a 12-year old Baldy Castillo Invite record
  • Competed in the DMR at the MPSF Indoor Championships, finishing 4th 
  • Recorded a time of 4:54.78 in the mile at the Texas A&M Quadrangular, placing second
2015 Outdoor:
  • Competed in the 5000m run at the Pac-12 Championships.
  • Ran a personal best of 16:19.07 in the 5000m run, placing first at the Mt. Sac Relays (4/17).
  • Placed eighth in the 5000m run with 17:18.22 at the Pac-12/Big Ten Invitational (3/28).
  • Ran a personal best of 2:14.72 in the 800m, taking 12th at the Baldy Castillo Invitational (3/20).
  • Ran a personal best of 4:27.26 in the 1500m, taking fifth at the Baldy Castillo Invitational (3/20). 
2015 Indoor:
  • Competed on the third-place distance medley relay team at the MPSF Indoor Championships (2/27), which is ranked fourth in school history.
  • Took fourth in the 3000m run with 9:36.02 at the Husky Classic (2/14).
2014 Outdoor:
  • Recorded a personal best time of 2:18.61 in the 800m at the Baldy Castillo Invitational.
  • Recorded a personal best time of 4:28.43 in the 1500m at the ASU Invitational.
  • Recorded a personal best time of 16:48.89 in the 5000m at the Mt. Sac Relays.
  • Recorded a personal best time of 11:31.02 in the 3000m steeplechase at the Double Dual. 
2014 Indoor:
  • Member of the sixth place distance medley relay team at the MPSF Indoor Championships (11:34.40), which ranks eighth in school history. 
  • Recorded a personal best time of 4:56.00 in the mile at the Husky Classic. 
High school:
  • A 2013 graduate of Golden Valley High School (Newhall, CA).
  • Four-time letterman in track; four-time letterman in cross country.
  • 2012-2013 Foothill 1600 League Champion.
  • 2009-2012 Cross Country MVP.
  • 2012 Track & Field MVP ... 2009-2012 top Distance track runner.
  • Holds school record in 800 (2:13), 1600 (4:53), and 3200 (10:41).
Personal: Daughter to Zack and Diane Totten ... Has one older brother, Seth, and one sister, Weslie … married to teammate, CJ Albertson ... Majoring in kinesiology.