Monday, August 01, 2016

1932 Olympics 1500 meters final

Mike Fanelli updated his cover photo.
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1932 Olympics 1500 meters final:
1st Luigi Beccali Italy 3:51.2 OR
2nd Jerry Cornes Great Britain 3:52.6
3rd Phil Edwards Canada 3:52.8 ...
4 Glenn Cunningham United States 3:53.4
5 Eric Ny Sweden 3:54.6
6 Norwood Hallowell United States 3:55.0
7 Jack Lovelock New Zealand 3:57.8
8 Frank Crowley United States 3:58.1
9 Martti Luomanen Finland 3:58.4
10 Harri Larva Finland 3:58.4

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Craig Fossati Great Italian runners with names at always end in I!
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Daniel Hurley Like to know more about Phil Edwards, the black miler from Canada. His bronze served as another repudiation of Hitler's propaganda.
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Morgan Groth Excellent times for the early 30's.
Many familiar names in this race. Love the history!!!

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