Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mike and Mark White (Richmond HS, CA)

Kerry Myers and Larry Guinee commented on a post from October 3.
Flashback) 8 A - Outstanding twins Northern Calif - Mark & Mike White - Richmond H.S - Oregon st - Cal Berkeley - they had a Brother was pretty fast Ted White.

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Larry Guinee I think Ted's main thing was to get them thinking big. I did a lot of the same, but as a distance guy, I had to give a good work out plan also. But a lot of performance is mental. Kevin Berkowitz, my first State Champ, got sick when he needed to do the...See More

Kerry Myers i couldn't coach todays athletes.....they wouldn't be able to do my workouts!

Fred Linder but they know more than we do that's why we can't touch him and it's good to see the White Brothers

Keith Conning

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