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Brothers James and Kenny Robinson

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( Flashback) 39 A - Brothers - James & Kenny Robinson - Not only one of The greatest Brother Dual In Nor Cal, They are my good friend. --- (Short story) Had been Revise I got more information on the Night.------ (Short story) One night they came to my rescue at Kenny party. this Guy at the party said I stole his ring off his finger, yes his finger when I walk by him, I was sitting down on the couch, this guy approach me with 5 to 6 other guys ask me why Did I take his ring he... and his buddy are going to take care of me when I left the party.. I was saying to myself how can anybody steal a ring off somebody finger and he was lucky that he was not by himself talking stupid. I told Kenny what had transpired his friend was talking crazy to me about I stole his ring off his finger, Kenny ask who is he, I pointed to him, Kenny say I do not know him and told him he have to leave, from there it was lot of confrontation talk between Kenny and the guy. When the guy left Kenny house he said that I was not going to make it home and he and his boys going to be waiting when I leave the party. Kenny went to his Bedroom and came back with shot gun for his brother Stan. Stan was at the front door, Ken stay in the bed room window with a 30-30 with a scope looking from the bed room window and James had 44 mag under his coat and he walk me to my car. while they was standing there. So I save this day Thanksgiving for the both of them.. 39 A James Robinson Icon 39 B Kenny Robinson. /
39 A /James Robinson there is to much to say about James, He is known for his finishing kick from behind, not only he the greatest 800 meter runner in Nor cal History but one of the greatest 800 runner in USA & World. James won the USA Outdoor Champions 7 time out of 9 years and 5 years in a row
Here just a list -
USA Outdoor Track & Field Champions
1984 1:47.46 James Robinson Inn City
1983 1:44.70 Dave Patrick Ath West
1982 1:46.12 James Robinson Inn City
1981 1:45.53 James Robinson Inn City
1980 1:46.2 James Robinson Inn City
1979 1:45.82 James Robinson Inn City
1978 1:45.47 James Robinson Inn City
1977 1:45.81 Mark Belger Villanova
1976 1:46.63 James Robinson Calif

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Robyne Johnson JR, the man!!!
James Robinson Plaz, what's going on wit u?
Robyne Johnson Nothing too much just working and watching my boy grow up.
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