Thursday, December 15, 2016

1980 Stanford Invitational 10k

Back in the '80s we didn't always get Results. Here are the 1980 Stanford Invite on the Hilly 10k Course Results -- Eileen Kramer, Liz Strangio Nast, Janice Kelly, Amy Harper ( Amy Avrit ), Irene Crowley, Katy Wannamaker, Carol Adams and for Men - Terry Gibson, Doug Avrit, Joe Fabris, Jack Marden, Kevin Jones, Ivan Huff, Andy DiConti, Paul Medvin, Terry Bauer, Carmelo Rios, Joey Gomez, and John Wendler. 3rd for the W, 4th for M. Coaches Lance Harter (W) and Steve Miller (M). You can also find Alumni Jim Schankel, Danny Aldridge, Manny Bautista, Mitch Kingery, and current coach Mark Conover in there.

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