Wednesday, June 29, 2016

1968 Olympic Trials 1500 meters

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this groovy original UPI press photo resides in a certain Northern California garage all the while dodging gnats, rats, and spiders...along with the other nearly 4000 inane items of ephemera related to field and track...track geek hoarders unite? ;}
Ed Bosch Thank you so much for posting. Had never seen this pic. Richey was the untouchable multi-time state champ from North Allegheny high school. My old classmates from Warren high school spoke in awe of him. A year out of high school he ran a 3:58 mile at Franklin Field, and then this try to make our Olympic team. Don't know why he quit running.

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Pete Churney Jim Ryan #154, doesn't look much different as we text! I'll see him again in a few weeks when he has his Shenandoah Valley edition of "Jim Ryun's Running Camp" here in Harrisonburg at Eastern Mennonite University!

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Sam Bair Jr. Jerry had a great career at Pitt. Then entered law school which took up a lot of time. He then joined the largest law firm here in Pittsburgh, Buchanan Ingersoll. Retired there a few years ago and picked up the Pitt job. Remember, professionalism did not exist and we all had to work.

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Gerry Lindgren I liked to run in lane 9 on that track bu

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Art Coolidge 'Wonder what $$$ they could have raised when the track was razed at that South Lake Tahoe intermediate school. Think how many 30x30 cm squares of 'history' might have easily fetched $100 a piece.... or maybe Mike Fanelli is holding it in his garage, right now, for a future entrepreneurial venture.... Sad---the photos at the bottom of the sequence.,,,,

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Marcus Canipe Among the things I love about this picture is the diversity of identifiable jerseys. To this day, the athletes are easily identifiable, and still brings prides to their institutions ... shout out to Ft. Hays State, John Mason -- I abhor a race where v...See More

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    Keith Conning
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