Monday, September 05, 2016

The Invitational HS, Richardson Park, Fern Ridge Reservoir, Oregon

The Invitational HS
Mens Races
3,000 Meters Novice9:30 AM
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph10:30 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity11:30 AM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior12:30 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Novice9:30 AM
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph10:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity11:00 AM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior12:00 PM
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Location: Richardson Park, Fern Ridge Reservoir

Entry Fee: $250 Please make checks payable to Marist Cross Country. Mail checks to Marist High School, 1900 Kingsley Rd, Eugene, OR 97401 Attn: Chase Wells, or bring the check with you to the race. Entry fee has increased this year because we will be using chip timing this year, and it’s more expensive.

Entries: Please have your entries posted on by noon on Tuesday 8-30-16. Entries are needed early because timing chips need to be assigned to every athlete. Timing chips will be collected at the end of each race. If your athlete loses thier timing chip you will be charged for the chip.  You can run 10 in the varsity races, and unlimited in the JV races. Runners 1-5 score for your team, and 6 and 7 displace.

3,000 Meters Combined Boys/Girls Novice 9:30 AM
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph Girls Junior Varsity 10:00 AM
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph Boys Junior Varsity 10:30 AM
5,000 Meters Girls Varsity 11:00 AM
5,000 Meters Boys Varsity 11:30 AM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior Girls Junior Varsity 12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior Boys Junior Varsity 12:30 PM
Team Awards ASAP

Awards: The top 10 in each race will get a Top Finisher T-Shirt. Shirts will be handed out as the runners exit the finish chute. The top 2 JV teams, and top 3 Varsity teams will get a trophy. The novice race will not be scored because it’s a combined race, but the top 10 girls and boys will get shirts.

Course: The course is the same as last year, flat and fast. Grass with one quick sand crossing. Spikes are recommended. No running on concrete pathways or the raod. Racers must stay on the grass

T-Shirts: Hot Tees will be at the race printing race shirts for athletes to purchase.

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Novice  
Distribution - 33 Athletes0481216
Time Bracket37133331
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Official Team Scores

1.Central Catholic27

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Ashton Clarke10:40.8 PRSprague
2.9Kevin Pixley10:42.5 PRCentral Catholic
3.11Sam Cutler10:51.4 PRBandon
4.9Josue Corona-Solis11:03.2 PRCentral Catholic
5.9Logan Fisher11:18.4 PRCentral Catholic
6.11Jordan Myrand11:29.5 PRBandon
7.11Isaac Martin11:36.0 PRCentral Catholic
8.11Ishaan Sethi11:45.0 PRSprague
9.9Avery Conner11:49.8 PRCentral Catholic
10.9Owen Criswell11:57.7 PRCentral Catholic
11.10Austin Tomson12:02.7 PRSprague
12.10Ian Curtis12:03.8 PRSouth Eugene
13.9Diego Chavez12:12.5 PRSouth Eugene
14.10Riley Skyles12:13.2 PRCentral Catholic
15.11Ezra Collier12:21.4 PRBandon
16.9Connor Duncan12:22.4 PRSprague
17.9Cory Marleau12:22.5 PRCentral Catholic
18.9Will Mathews12:23.7 PRCentral Catholic
19.11David Fodrea12:35.4 PRBandon
20.9Holden Spencer12:36.1 PRCentral Catholic
21.9Aiden Kola12:37.2 PRCentral Catholic
22.9Avery Roelof12:38.4 PRSouth Eugene
23.9Henry Channell12:38.4 PRCentral Catholic
24.9Tycho Legrue13:25.6 PRWillamette
25.9Hunter Hofmann13:26.1 PRSprague
26.12David Nevitt13:41.2 PRBandon
27.11Ethan Wright14:06.1 PRBandon
28.12Travis Sweet14:23.1Elmira
29.9Cooper Lynch14:29.9 PRWillamette
30.10Juni Yoon15:03.6 PRWillamette
31.12Jeran Coffey15:56.4 SRElmira
32.9Aiden Heller15:58.0 PRSouth Eugene
33.10Caleb Andreasen18:03.2 PRMarist
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph  
Distribution - 81 Athletes05101520
Time Bracket16813178915112
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Grants Pass35
2.Central Catholic51
3.South Eugene82

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Daniel Beckstead16:39.3 PRGrants Pass
2.10Dylan Kalnbach17:11.9 PRSouth Eugene
3.9Nate Tavakolian17:13.1 PRSouth Eugene
4.10Dimitri Underwood17:23.6 PRGrants Pass
5.9Henry Williams17:31.6 PRAshland
6.10Isaac Burgess17:39.7 PRGrants Pass
7.9Sam Perkins17:47.2 PRCentral Catholic
8.10Sahir Sandhu18:10.7 PRCentral Catholic
9.9Spencer Hardy18:17.9 PRCentral Catholic
10.10Cedar Davis-Frankf...18:22.2 PRGrants Pass
11.10Jeremy Roe18:25.1 SRMarshfield
12.9Joe Halsey18:42.3 PRCentral Catholic
13.9Christopher Rosebr...18:44.2 PRSheldon
14.10James Baertschiger18:54.6 SRGrants Pass
15.10Julien Plomion18:58.9 PRCentral Catholic
16.10Gabe Delgado19:06.5 SRMarshfield
17.10Christian Larimer19:11.3 PRWestview
18.9Elijah Afenegus19:16.3 PRAshland
19.10Leon Farjaj19:18.2 PRWestview
20.9Jonathon Sampier19:18.8 PRMarshfield
21.10Conner Mowery19:27.1 SRSouth Eugene
22.9Zach Williams19:34.2 PRAshland
23.9Kyran Erwin19:44.3 PRMarshfield
24.9Connor Davidson19:46.3 PRSouth Eugene
25.9Levi Bruns19:46.9 PRSheldon
26.9Jacob Webster19:52.9 PRGrants Pass
27.9Jordan Davis19:56.3 PRGrants Pass
28.9Cole O'Donnell19:56.3 PRCentral Catholic
29.9Keb Wold20:03.2 PRSheldon
30.10Riley Chambers20:03.3 PRElmira
31.10Alex Lan-Powell20:03.3 PRGrants Pass
32.10Tapabrata Ghosh20:04.7 PRWestview
33.10Ben Poole20:06.9 PRWestview
34.9Jack Crowell20:07.2 PRMarist
35.9Galen Moll20:09.0 PRSouth Eugene
36.10Eli Seno20:13.7 PRSheldon
37.10Thomas Grigsby20:16.3 PRSheldon
38.10James Longoria20:27.3 PRSouth Eugene
39.10Jason Rico20:37.2 SRWillamette
40.10Sunil Klein20:38.7 SRCentral Catholic
41.9Luke Jacobson20:39.1 PRSheldon
42.9Jack Coleman20:48.4 PRSheldon
43.10Thomas Gray20:48.8 SRCentral Catholic
44.9Chris Heer20:56.2 PRMarist
45.9Shane Cazimero20:57.8 PRElmira
46.10Levi Dimmick21:04.5 PRGrants Pass
47.10Colton West21:15.7 PRMarshfield
48.9Michael Rochon21:17.5 PRMarist
49.9Konnor Cunningham21:18.7 PRMarist
50.9Austin Yancey21:19.6 PRSheldon
51.10Jackson Carrier21:40.2 PRWestview
52.10Colin Longstreet21:56.2 SRWillamette
53.9Luke Belnap21:57.2 PRGrants Pass
54.9Isaiah Martins22:13.0 PRWillamette
55.10Griffen French22:16.6 SRAshland
56.10Nate Bassinger22:26.7 SRWillamette
57.9Jacob Nelson22:34.0 PRGrants Pass
58.10Jacob Maier22:41.6 SRGrants Pass
59.9Kaden Caywood22:49.5 PRPhoenix
60.9Karsten Hunt22:53.6 PRSheldon
61.10Benjamin Wang22:55.1 PRWestview
62.9Leo Griffin22:58.2 PRElmira
63.9Carsten Konyn23:00.7 PRSheldon
64.10Tyler Schoonmaker23:00.8 PRWillamette
65.9Brandon Morrison23:04.3 PRPhoenix
66.9Noah Pogue23:06.6 PRMadras
67.9Jackson Ford23:07.9 PRSheldon
68.9Hunter Fitts23:08.6 PRMadras
69.10Nate Brown23:10.1 PRSheldon
70.9River Dean23:12.5 PRPhoenix
71.9Thomas Christiansen23:13.8 PRSheldon
72.9Jackson Lewis23:17.4 PRSheldon
73.10Yize Yuan23:17.8 SRAshland
74.10Tyler Hart23:18.4 PRWestview
75.9Shanti Johnson23:20.9 PRAshland
76.9Stuart Smith, Jr.23:23.5 PRMadras
77.9Aren Hansen23:41.6 PRSheldon
78.9Dakota Landrum24:48.2 PRSheldon
79.9Leander Smith28:45.2 PRMadras
80.9Kenneth Mitchell31:05.3 PRSheldon
81.9Gabriel Blunt31:41.5 PRGrants Pass
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
Distribution - 97 Athletes06121824
Time Bracket4222017101064112
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Central Catholic42
2.South Eugene46
14.St Mary's410

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Jerik Embleton15:37.5 PRMarist
2.11Cameron Thompson15:47.0 PRCentral Catholic
3.12Michael McCausland15:49.8 SRCentral Catholic
4.12Spencer Tsai15:50.9 PRSouth Eugene
5.9EJ Holland16:00.8 PRAshland
6.12Gavin Macpherson16:18.1 PRCentral Catholic
7.11Liam Monroe16:18.8 PRSouth Eugene
8.12Vincent Huynh-Watk...16:24.9 PRSouth Eugene
9.12Brady Lance16:24.9 PRCentral Catholic
10.12Jenner Higgins16:28.3 SRSheldon
11.10Jordan Mortensen16:28.3 PRAshland
12.10Ian Twyman16:31.2 PRSouth Eugene
13.11Alex Franklin16:31.4 PRAshland
14.11Keizo Morgan16:31.9 PRWestview
15.11BJ Sauter16:34.0 PRSouth Eugene
16.11Peter Shen16:36.1 PRSouth Eugene
17.11Robert "Robby" Vos16:37.4 SRPhoenix
18.11Lars Weston16:37.8 PRAshland
19.12Jesse Shaneyfelt16:40.3 PRSheldon
20.9Arlo Davis16:42.3 PRAshland
21.11Josh Snyder16:48.7 SRBandon
22.10Jalen Harris16:49.4 SRCentral Catholic
23.11Nathan Willins16:50.3 PRWestview
24.12Matthew McCausland16:55.3 PRCentral Catholic
25.11Tyler Anderson16:55.7 PRMadras
26.10Joey Peterson16:59.4 PRMarist
27.11Jackson Skortman17:05.2 SRSheldon
28.10Gabe Garboden17:07.3 PRMarist
29.12Griffin Coleman17:10.0 PRSouth Eugene
30.11Hunter Hutton17:10.0 SRBandon
31.12Zane Olive17:13.2 SRBandon
32.11Grayson Mazziotti17:20.1 PRSheldon
33.9Evan Villano17:24.6 PRMarist
34.12Christian Hill17:25.6 SRAshland
35.12Solomon Faulkner17:28.8 SRSheldon
36.12Jorge Sierra-Oldham17:30.9 SRAshland
37.12Jacob Bergren17:30.9 SRPhoenix
38.12Parker Cook17:30.9 SRPhoenix
39.12Carson Bain17:31.5 PRElmira
40.11Eric Brecht17:42.4 SRCentral Catholic
41.11Felix Golledge-Ost...17:43.9 PRSouth Eugene
42.10Hayden Banks17:47.0 SRSouth Eugene
43.9Max Lin17:48.1 PRWestview
44.11Harrison Nabors17:48.4 PRSheldon
45.12Owen Riley17:49.6 SRCentral Catholic
46.11David Gasper17:55.7 PRWestview
47.12Benjamin Asbury18:06.8 PRWestview
48.10Nicholas Clark18:08.7 PRMarist
49.10Brandon Christensen18:08.8 SRWestview
50.9Charlie Moore18:10.7 PRMarist
51.11Logan Bothman18:14.8 PRSheldon
52.9Wiley Watts18:27.1 PRMarist
53.11Lorenzo Curtis18:30.5 PRWestview
54.9Isaac Cutler18:30.9 PRBandon
55.12C.J. Sawyer18:31.8 SRWillamette
56.10Ezra DeLuca18:36.9 PRPhoenix
57.11Rex Hansen18:43.2 SRPutnam
58.12Riley Craig18:46.7 SRElmira
59.12Thomas Skaff18:49.4 SRPhoenix
60.12Nathan Watt18:49.4 SRPhoenix
61.9Samuel Janasik18:52.2 PRWestview
62.10Keegan Cook18:54.3 PRElmira
63.9Aero Franklin18:56.5 PRBandon
64.10Paul Ossowski19:01.4 PRElmira
65.10Jacob Webb19:03.4 PRSheldon
66.11Kellen Smith19:15.7 SRElmira
67.11Ari Hendrix19:33.4 SRWillamette
68.12Rory Christie-Fran...19:35.6 SRWillamette
69.9Josh Dixon19:41.3 PRSprague
70.12Cody Gutridge19:44.1 SRPhoenix
71.11Cody Gilbert19:44.4 SRWillamette
72.11Genesis Lucei19:44.7 SRMadras
73.9Stephen Votaw19:47.5 PRSprague
74.10Vance McQueen20:00.3 PRSprague
75.12Jake Donnellan20:12.0Sprague
76.11Jimmie Allen20:13.5 PRPhoenix
77.11Skyler Hammons20:15.6 PRBandon
78.12Ethan Ward20:24.7 SRWillamette
79.11Gabriel Mayer20:30.0 PRSt Mary's6:22 (1mi) 13:15 (2mi)
80.11Rich Danzuka20:31.2 SRMadras
81.10Fullington Frasier20:38.2 PRPutnam
82.10Landon Sorenson20:38.9 PRSprague
83.10Carson Akimoff20:49.6 SRSprague
84.11Hunter Ashwill21:01.3 SRMadras
85.12Jason Farrell21:23.3 PRSt Mary's6:31 (1mi) 13:28 (2mi)
86.11Michael Schneider21:46.6 PRPutnam
87.10Gavin Glatte21:51.0 SRSt Mary's6:55 (1mi) 14:14 (2mi)
88.10Marino Santoro21:56.2 SRBandon
89.12Brigham Blundell21:58.6 SRPhoenix
90.12Jonathan Knowles22:17.7 SRPhoenix
91.10Amial Rhoan22:45.0 PRMadras
92.9Korben Staples22:51.7 PRPutnam
93.10Justin Smith22:51.7 PRMadras
94.11Kadin Wilson23:18.5 SRPutnam
95.9Noah Gardner24:21.5 PRPutnam
96.9Noah Stillwell25:29.7 PRSt Mary's7:20 (1mi) 16:07 (2mi)
97.9Eric Lingyi Wang25:59.3 PRSt Mary's7:17 (1mi) 16:08 (2mi)
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5,000 Meters Junior/Senior  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.South Eugene45
2.Grants Pass46

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nathan Burton17:10.6 SRGrants Pass
2.12Barrett Titus17:34.5 SRGrants Pass
3.11Spencer McNall17:42.1 SRSouth Eugene
4.11David Hollensbe18:26.5 SRAshland
5.12Dev Saroop Khalsa18:32.6 PRSouth Eugene
6.11Trevor Ross18:38.0 PRWestview
7.12Matthew Nelson18:40.8 PRGrants Pass
8.11Nathan Wolford18:45.6 SRGrants Pass
9.12Kevin Fletcher18:47.5 SRAshland
10.11Cameron Fox18:49.1 PRSouth Eugene
11.12Eryl Kenner18:49.5 SRAshland
12.12Cody Wolkersdorfer18:55.3 SRElmira
13.11Christian Lawrence18:57.4 SRCentral Catholic
14.11Alex Dzubay19:05.0 PRSouth Eugene
15.11Sean McCulloch19:11.9 PRSouth Eugene
16.11Isaac Hasel19:14.4 SRMarshfield
17.11Jaxon Lantis19:19.5 SRElmira
18.11Jeremy Potter19:21.8 PRSheldon
19.11Connor McVay19:22.4 SRSouth Eugene
20.11Daniel Oppenlander19:29.3 SRWestview
21.11Samuel Ramage19:34.4 SRSheldon
22.12Kaito Hioki19:34.7 SRWestview
23.11Nikhil Sajeev19:35.8 PRWestview
24.12Will Manstrom-Gree...19:46.0 SRMarist
25.11Henry Cobb19:53.0 SRAshland
26.12Matthias Metcalfe19:58.1 PRWestview
27.11Dylan LeFor20:08.3 SRCentral Catholic
28.11Tony Kollman20:10.3 SRCentral Catholic
29.12Keegan Dillon20:17.5 SRWestview
30.11Ethan Cleveland20:21.8 SRMarshfield
31.12Jake Sabitt20:24.6 SRSouth Eugene
32.11Michael Anderson20:26.9 SRCentral Catholic
33.12Andrew Young20:28.5 SRWestview
34.12Blaine Loftis20:39.9 SRElmira
35.12Adam Stricker20:47.6 PRWillamette
36.11Andrew Prince20:52.4 PRMarshfield
37.12Nicholas Moll20:54.3 SRSouth Eugene
38.11Payton Mustain20:58.4 SRGrants Pass
39.11Denum Hanson20:59.5 PRElmira
40.11Anson Savage21:06.4 SRGrants Pass
41.11Josiah Herrera21:34.0 SRSprague
42.12Brandon Kho21:36.5 SRWestview
43.11Jackson Rowland21:47.5 PRSprague
44.11Jacob Post22:05.9 PRMarshfield
45.11Tyler Chase22:06.4 SRSheldon
46.11Devin Schrader22:31.4 SRElmira
47.12Lucas Stella22:42.1 SRPhoenix
48.12Paul Laing23:01.5 SRSheldon
49.12Brandon Warner23:02.5 PRGrants Pass
50.11Carson Brown23:02.5 PRGrants Pass
51.12Dennis Pang23:44.2 SRWestview
52.11Wattanai "Jam" Amo...23:50.6 PRPhoenix
53.12Matt Ferris23:56.9 PRPhoenix
54.11Mason Sheats24:03.8 SRPhoenix
55.11Brian Dougherty24:08.1 SRSheldon
56.11Rhian Coffey24:31.0 SRElmira
57.12Jack Forrest24:47.5 SRSheldon
58.11Caden Friesen24:57.5 SRMarist
59.11Michael Vannevel25:01.1 SRSprague
60.11Thomas "Ian" Wolff25:03.5 SRPhoenix
61.12Troy Atunel26:19.0 SRPhoenix
62.12Wade Wagner26:57.2 PRPhoenix
63.12Faraz Ahmed27:28.4 PRPhoenix
64.11Javier Mitchell27:30.7 SRAshland
65.12David Teague34:32.3 PRPhoenix
66.12Josh Devin37:06.3 PRPhoenix
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Novice  
Distribution - 32 Athletes036912
Time Bracket12711511211
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Central Catholic64

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Anne Fournier12:24.7 PRSouth Eugene
2.9Myrranda Mora13:33.5 PRSouth Eugene
3.10Caroline Nettleton13:40.7 PRSprague
4.11Millie Carpenter14:00.4 PRElmira
5.9Lucia Moon14:01.8 PRSouth Eugene
6.9Avery Davidson14:07.5 PRSprague
7.11Madison Stanaway14:15.2 PRSprague
8.9Julie Shinall14:25.6 PRSprague
9.11Jaycee Smith14:47.6 PRMarshfield
10.10Ceili Ohnemus14:59.4 PRElmira
11.11Emily Moore15:11.3 SRBandon
12.10Elle Russell15:15.7Elmira
13.9Tessa Griffith15:15.8 PRSprague
14.10Madelyn Trotter15:24.2 PRElmira
15.11Lily Teague15:29.7 PRMarist
16.12Nancy Nguyen15:31.0 PRCentral Catholic
17.9Ashley Norton15:39.8 PRSprague
18.9Miya Klein15:48.5 PRCentral Catholic
19.11Tess Kehoe15:48.6 PRCentral Catholic
20.9Molly Rohling15:52.7 PRCentral Catholic
21.9Isabella Bean15:59.7 PRBandon
22.10Daniella Giansante16:01.9 PRMarist
23.11Miki Araki16:08.2 PRSouth Eugene
24.10Daisy Thompson16:19.3 PRMarshfield
25.12Natalie Terceck16:39.9 PRCentral Catholic
26.12Faith Johnson16:54.4 PRWillamette
27.9Oona Longstreet17:33.0 PRCentral Catholic
28.10Elva Zhao18:02.4 PRElmira
29.10Wanjing Chen19:11.4 PRWillamette
30.11Alicia Braunger19:55.1 PRElmira
31.9Sophia Gonzales21:54.2 PRCentral Catholic
32.11Gwen Johnson23:40.7 PRBandon
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph  
Distribution - 43 Athletes02468
Time Bracket1237242565411
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Grants Pass23
4.Central Catholic92

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jazmin Chavez19:52.9 SRMarshfield
2.10Ahdra Klingler20:46.4 SRGrants Pass
3.10Ayla Klingler20:48.6 SRGrants Pass
4.9Kaylee Delzotti21:38.6 PRMarshfield
5.9Faith Schultz21:41.5 PRGrants Pass
6.10Sierra Curtis21:45.8 PRWillamette
7.9Samantha Dara22:07.2 PRGrants Pass
8.9Samara Park22:18.1 PRSouth Eugene
9.9Sarah Sturley22:25.8 PRGrants Pass
10.9Hadley Jellesed22:36.5 PRSheldon
11.9Abby Durrant22:45.9 PRGrants Pass
12.9Wren Hamilton22:53.4 PRSouth Eugene
13.10Emily Bath22:53.6 PRGrants Pass
14.10Madelyn Hubbs23:11.3 SRSheldon
15.9Mia Hemming23:59.7 PRCentral Catholic
16.9Carly ODonnell24:15.7 PRCentral Catholic
17.9Anna Lute24:16.0 PRGrants Pass
18.10Katie Wardan24:31.8 SRSheldon
19.9Tatum Stuart24:49.4 PRGrants Pass
20.10Grace Haga25:10.2 PRMarist
21.10Makayla King25:25.0 PRSheldon
22.9Aly Mirabile26:18.7 PRSheldon
23.9Ellison Opdahl26:26.9 PRSheldon
24.10Taylor Shea26:38.1 PRMarshfield
25.9Megan Anspach26:43.9 PRPutnam
26.9Faith Vadelund26:57.5 PRPutnam
27.9Myah Garcia27:08.2 PRSheldon
28.10Anna Ferroggiaro27:19.9 SRCentral Catholic
29.9Emmie Titus27:29.3 PRGrants Pass
30.9Zoe Sanderson27:35.3 PRSheldon
31.10Karlee Devlin27:47.3 PRWillamette
32.9Emma Laing27:49.8 PRSheldon
33.10Andrea Griffin28:13.1 SRElmira
34.10Ariana Ruiz28:28.4 PRPhoenix
35.10Carly Nelson28:44.5 PRSheldon
36.9Jordan Baarstad28:54.6 PRMarshfield
37.10Rayne Quinones28:58.6 PRMarshfield
38.9Emilee Ryan29:19.0 PRCentral Catholic
39.9Abigail Schline29:32.9 PRCentral Catholic
40.10Mariana Contreras29:40.6 SRPhoenix
41.10Lily Fjeldheim29:44.5 PRPhoenix
42.10Priscilla Espana35:11.7 PRPhoenix
43.10Kaia Reinersten40:27.7 SRPutnam
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
Distribution - 79 Athletes05101520
Time Bracket56151577107511
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.South Eugene91
7.Central Catholic156
9.St Mary's217

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Ginger Murnieks18:04.9 SRSprague
2.11Melissa Berry18:15.5 PRSheldon
3.11Caramia Mestler18:37.5 SRSheldon
4.11Sailor Hutton18:48.8 SRBandon
5.9Madison Elmore18:57.6 PRSouth Eugene
6.11Kaylee Mitchell19:02.2 PRSprague
7.12Jantzen Mazziotti19:40.3 SRSheldon
8.12Victoria Boechler19:45.0 SRSouth Eugene
9.12Kelsey Kuhns19:49.0 PRWestview
10.10Kaylin Sheley19:52.0 PRSheldon
11.9Isabella Zachem19:59.1 PRMarist
12.12Booy Rogers20:03.2 SRMarist
13.10Emma Bennion20:07.9 SRSt Mary's6:13 (1mi) 12:58 (2mi)
14.12Danielle Jantzer20:15.1 SRPhoenix
15.11McKenzie Moore20:27.5 PRAshland
16.10Elise Abbott20:28.4 SRSprague
17.12Hope Powell20:28.9 SRMarist
18.10Jennifer Shelton20:33.2 SRSheldon
19.9Irene Nagasaka20:33.6 PRWestview
20.12Shayla Potratz20:38.6 SRPhoenix
21.10Alexa Hague20:44.2 PRAshland
22.11Dierdre McKay20:46.7 PRWestview
23.11Delaney Bloomer20:48.4 SRSouth Eugene
24.11Isabelle Marcantuono20:51.0 PRWestview
25.11Mina Buchanan20:56.7 SRMarist
26.11Sydney Fisher20:57.7 SRCentral Catholic
27.11Claire Pryor21:01.6 SRAshland
28.10Abby Grebisz21:13.9 SRCentral Catholic
29.12Amber Kampen21:18.7 PRSouth Eugene
30.11Autumn Nidalmia21:21.6 PRAshland
31.12Abbey Fleming21:26.7 SRSouth Eugene
32.12Silvia Taccone21:27.9 PRSheldon
33.11Jordyn Holland21:29.0 PRSouth Eugene
34.11Emma Pitzer21:35.1 SRCentral Catholic
35.10Maddie Armstrong21:36.3 PRAshland
36.12Audrey Lomax21:38.4 SRCentral Catholic
37.10Carissa Catterall21:41.9 PRCentral Catholic
38.10Hayley Harrison21:45.3 SRCentral Catholic
39.10Callia Varnon-Welch21:49.1 SRSouth Eugene
40.12Julia Chou21:52.5 PRSouth Eugene
41.12Marin Emrick21:55.8 SRSouth Eugene
42.10Isabelle Booth22:22.4 PRPutnam
43.10Sara Weyant22:26.6 PRMarist
44.10Lupita Alegria22:31.7 PRPhoenix
45.12Katherine Huiskes22:38.0 SRWestview
46.11Lindsey Gurr22:43.8 SRSt Mary's7:16 (1mi) 14:45 (2mi)
47.9Madeline Gable22:47.9 PRPutnam
48.11Riely White22:52.2 SRSprague
49.11Sarah Branstetter23:05.2 SRPutnam
50.10Grace Bowman23:06.9 PRCentral Catholic
51.11Dana Nunez23:30.4 PRSprague
52.9Mekella Wong23:38.6 PRSt Mary's7:15 (1mi) 14:56 (2mi)
53.11Amanda Allender23:43.1 PRMarist
54.12Summer Keating23:47.3 SRSt Mary's7:18 (1mi) 15:11 (2mi)
55.11Gabrielle Horne23:54.8 SRCentral Catholic
56.11Madison McDonald24:03.7 SRCentral Catholic
57.9Kaitlin Cook24:07.4 PRElmira
58.12Emily Dixon24:20.4Sprague
59.9Frances Paldi24:22.7 PRPutnam
60.12Allie Potter24:24.9 SRCentral Catholic
61.12Miranda Harrison24:31.8 SRElmira
62.12Annalisa Linn24:44.3 SRElmira
63.12Leslibeth Mena24:56.6 SRPhoenix
64.12Zoe Wilson24:57.6 SRPutnam
65.11Jasmine Christian24:57.6 SRPhoenix
66.9Joline Lundgren25:22.2 PRPutnam
67.11Alexa Smith25:29.7Sprague
68.10Ruby Peral-Covarru...25:34.2 SRPhoenix
69.10Vivian Tauer25:39.4 SRPhoenix
70.9Perry Bradley-Bender25:43.6 PRPutnam
71.10Sophia Pastrano25:59.2 PRSt Mary's7:41 (1mi) 16:35 (2mi)
72.10Sydney Baker25:59.7 PRSt Mary's7:41 (1mi) 16:35 (2mi)
73.11Rosemary Weston26:13.7 PRSt Mary's7:43 (1mi) 16:40 (2mi)
74.9Jasper Cortell26:41.7 PRPhoenix
75.9Kate Vasey26:49.7 PRSt Mary's7:55 (1mi) 17:12 (2mi)
76.12Danica Stoelk26:50.0 SRPutnam
77.9Mackenzie Christen...26:57.0 PRPhoenix
78.10Kazes Kuykendall27:07.8 PRPhoenix
79.11Elliana Pastrano28:14.9 PRSt Mary's8:05(1mi) 17:37 (2mi)
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Official Team Scores

3.Central Catholic66

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Grace Youngblood21:52.9 SRSouth Eugene
2.12Sayge Hansen22:01.7 SRSheldon
3.11Avalon Wegener22:22.7 SRSouth Eugene
4.11Calista VanDelden22:31.8 PRGrants Pass
5.12Gabby Hanselman22:40.1 PRCentral Catholic
6.12Helen Heussner22:42.0 SRWestview
7.11Jane Regali22:43.9 PRSheldon
8.9Anna Barnes22:57.3 PRAshland
9.11Linnet Edwards23:06.7 PRCentral Catholic
10.12Autumn Michels23:13.5 PRGrants Pass
11.12Chloe Gantz23:18.3 SRWestview
12.11Adria Rosebrook23:22.5 SRSheldon
13.11Makena Buchholtz23:31.9 PRSheldon
14.9Taylor Mortensen23:32.0 PRAshland
15.12Cassie Larimer23:37.2 SRWestview
16.11Natashia Mathus-Vi...23:39.7 SRGrants Pass
17.11Opal Duan23:44.3 SRWestview
18.11Jasmine Acree24:03.2 PRSheldon
19.11Kelly Sandoval24:09.6 SRWestview
20.11Elizabeth Jorgenson24:23.8 PRMarist
21.11Brooke Johnson24:26.2 SRGrants Pass
22.12Ellie McElligot24:28.0 PRCentral Catholic
23.11Sydney Evans24:35.9 PRMarist
24.11Jillian Peterson24:38.1 SRSheldon
25.11Viola Watts24:47.4 SRMarist
26.12valerie Truong24:47.9 SRCentral Catholic
27.11Lili Fritzke24:59.9 SRWestview
28.11Malone Heibert25:02.1 PRCentral Catholic
29.11Jennie Wuest25:02.9 PRCentral Catholic
30.12Claire Litchfield25:37.1 SRSheldon
31.11Elli Brooks25:41.4 PRSheldon
32.12Nora Quick25:48.1 SRMarist
33.10Lilian Ljungkfist25:58.4 PRAshland
34.12Callie Girard26:01.2 SRSheldon
35.10Sarah Aaronson26:03.2 PRAshland
36.11Sara Montenegro26:05.5 SRSheldon
37.11Emily White26:18.3Sprague
38.11Abby Lawson26:20.7 PRSprague
39.12Jazlyn Collier26:28.0Sprague
40.11Maya Davis26:29.5 SRAshland
41.12Jestyna Mosttler26:35.4 SRPhoenix
42.11Rachel Feinberg26:38.6 PRAshland
43.11Isabella Webster26:55.0 SRMarshfield
44.11Carlee White26:56.9 SRSprague
45.11Ashlee Vandevisse27:28.4 PRSheldon
46.11Victoria Kennedy27:31.3 PRSheldon
47.11Hayley Vohland27:40.1 SRSprague
48.12Claire Lehnert27:45.4 SRSheldon
49.11Sara Cavinee27:48.3 PRMarist
50.12Emma Sanderson28:04.2 SRSheldon
51.11Katie Dobberthien29:59.2 PRSheldon
52.10Corazon Stonewood29:59.2 PRAshland
53.11Jasmine Norton30:43.5 PRSheldon
54.11Madi Vann30:52.8 SRAshland
55.12Alexis DiFruscia31:32.7 SRPhoenix
56.12Madelene Marroquin...31:59.1 SRPhoenix
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