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North Coast Section MOC Track & Field Committee Agenda


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Tuesday, September 27, 2015- 6:00 pm.

North Coast Section Office



I.       Call meeting to order. (5 min.)

a.  Welcome and Introductions

b.   Sign-in/update contact information

b.  Addition of any items to agenda


II.      Public input-(5 min)


III.     Review locations for Area meets and MOC.

IV.     Review BVAL proposal going to SAC in December.

AREA MEET ADVANCEMENT PROPOSAL BY BVAL in response to EBAL proposal from 2015


Last year the EBAL proposed and the athletic advisory committee along with the NCS Board of mangers passed a bylaw change that affected ONLY the Tri-Valley Area Track meet. The proposal changed how Tri-Valley Area Leagues advanced athletes to the NCS Tri-Valley Area Track Meet and did not affect any other NCS Area Meet. Prior to the proposal, each of the 4 leagues received 6 automatic qualifiers to the NCS Area meet similar to the other current NCS Area Meets. The Proposal approved last year stated that each Tri-Valley league would advance only 3 automatic qualifiers and then the next 12 best performance/times form all the leagues would advance to creating a field of 24 competitors. 


The BVAL track coaches and schools were not even consulted on this proposed change as we did not event learn about this change until Mid April. [I assume most of the schools from other leagues were unaware either as almost every coach I talked to did not know about the change until mid season as well.]


A note for the Advisory Board:

Using their proposed bylaw change, the EBAL then set up an EBAL League Championship meet format to maximized their leagues qualifiers using the new rule.  1) The EBAL scheduled one week of rest between the trials and finals during their championships. 2) EBAL also used a non championship meet format by running 2 heats for each event calling them finals. This allowed the EBAL to advance time qualifiers beyond the normal 8-9 athletes. So besides having a full weeks rest helping to run faster time in the finals [which is acceptable], they also used the 2 heat final to qualify 10-12 athletes in number in most event at the 2016 NCS Area Meet. 

In contrast, athletes that ran in the BVAL Championship Meet ran trials on Thursday and finals on Saturday with just 1 days rest which produced slower time in the finals then time ran in the trials.  Many of our sprinters had faster times in the BVAL trials than the EBAL finals runners that advanced which advanced on time. Because BVAL athletes were competing only on 1 days rest, finals times were slower.  The BVAL was told by NCS Area seeding officials [also EBAL coaches] that only final times could be used to advance athletes to the NCS Area Meet. 


From the advisory committee minutes we believe last years proposal to move to 3 auto qualifiers and 12 time qualifiers passed without all the facts.

1)       Track, more than other sports performance, can be greatly affected by environmental conditions, such as winds, ran, heat, etc.  Rest periods between trial and finals plays a large roll in performance.  The micro-climates for the Tri-Valley Area leagues is very diverse. East Contra Costa County maybe 90-100 degrees with no wind, while at the same time Tri-Valley region Pleasanton/Dublin/Danville area is in the 70’s and windy. Tail wins in the 100m and 200m can be the difference of .5 second.

2)       The fact that leagues set their own League Championship format make comparing time a big challenge. We feel leagues should set their Championship Meet format, but if this format remains NCS many need to dictact to league their championship format, ie. days of competition, wind gauges mandatory, etc.

3)       One reason stated for the for the proposal was the top athletes should be competing at the NCS meets. It is true the prior system allowed a slower running from one league to advance while a faster runners were left home because they were the 7th in their league, but the athlete could still achieve NCS qualifying standards to during their league meet to advance if they were 7th or 8th in their league.  BVAL points out that there are automatic qualifying time so if a league may advance more then 6 athletes to NCS


BVAL also points out that if we want to best athletes competing in the NCS competitions is the true reason for voting the change in then why is the advancement formula not being used to ALL NCS Area Meet.

We feel that if the change would have been proposed for ALL Area Track Meets that it would have never passed as now all the school and leagues voting would have been effected and making the issue more of an issue.



The BVAL is asking the advisory committee to VOTE to pass one of the following options:


1)       VOTE to return to the prior NCS TRI-VALLEY AREA Meet qualifying formula which is used for the other NCS Area Meets which is this.

a.        Each League automatically qualified 6 participated in each event. Athletes may also qualify for NCS Area Meet by running the qualifying standard during their league championship meet, either during the trials or finals.



2)       VOTE to use the same Advancement Formulas in ALL NCS Area Track Meets which is this: 

a.       Each league automatically qualifies 3 participates in each event.  The remaining competitors are selected based on time/performance rankings from their respective League’s Championship Meet. PLUS  Performance marks recorded any time during a League Championship Meet may be used for qualifying for an NCS Area Track Meet. Marks achieved either during the trials or the finals may be used. 


The BVAL thanks you for your consideration of this issue.


VII.   Other Items from the floor – (5 min)


VIII. NEXT MEETING:           


Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location:                   North Coast Section office


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