Monday, September 05, 2016

Steve Prefontaine (Marshfield HS, Coos Bay, OR) freshman

Mike Fanelli added a new photo.
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Steve stuff redux ...poking about the T&F garage's Pre wing late on a Labor Day afternoon, came across a cross country team pic circa 1966...yeah, I have a Marshfield High School year book...or two.
Note that the young Prefontaine was one of TWO frosh that made Coach McClure's varsity squad...the other, a Roger Bingham.
Mike Fanelli The Mahiscan is the name of Marshfield HS yearbook in case you were wondering...or not
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Jeff Horton We all started out as nerds. Some were able to take it all the way. GO PRE!
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Jim van Dine Interesting caption- "Future Hopefuls ..." So they are not yet hopeful??
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Jeff Horton I showed that to my wife and she said he looks like the kid Timmy on, "Lassie." Who knew he'd become a giant?
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