Sunday, September 04, 2016

Photo of Rodgers, Virgin, and Shorter

the quintessential quizzical glance
Lawrence Mangan Not a logo to be found on BR's apparel.
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Mike Fanelli it'd be a very noteworthy missive...I'd feel quite priveleged to lay eyes on it...thank you in advance Coach Joe Volk
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Keith Conning
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Kerry Green If I recall back in 1976 Frank and Bill still had the marathon to run as part Olympic Trials week. It wasn't until 1980 that wisdom prevailed and the marathoners got more time to recover between the Trials marathon and the Olympics. Makes it even more amazing that Shorter won Gold then Silver with 10 weeks between the Trials and the Olympics.
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Ralph Michael Serna Too much legendry for one photo!
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Douglas Clark 4 of USA's best ever!
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Steve Stanek Notice great distance runners toes point in.....
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