Friday, September 09, 2016

Photo of Lee Evans (USA) and Don Domansky (British Commonwealth)

Mike Fanelli updated his cover photo.
3 hrs
Lee Evans and Canada’s Don Domansky final leg of the 4x400m relay at the 1967 USA vs British Commonwealth Dual Meet.
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Mike Fanelli the line up for this relay directly from the meet program circa 1967
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Mike Fanelli the cover of aforementioned meet program...BTW, also in this meet Madeline Manning set 800 American Record and Jim Ryun set the WORLD record at 1500 with a convincing win over Kip
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Ed Bosch What a team for the USA ! Lee Evans, Vince Matthews, Tommie Smith. They could run in the 43's with no problem.
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Harry Cottrell This brings to mind a questions I have had for decades and maybe someone knows the answer. If Tommie Smith (who held the 440 WR) had not been expelled from the 68 Olympics, would he have run on the 4x4 in place of Vince Matthews?

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