Monday, September 05, 2016

Charles S. Bruns jr. at Lagoon Valley Park

Charles S. Bruns Jr. replied to a comment on this.
After a one year break, the Woodland Cross Country group traveled back to the all painful "Big Mama" and "Little Sister" course of Vacaville High's amazing crew - once known as the Onion Invitational (Mike Larsen)- to test our fitness and needs for hill training! Geronimo Hernandez cracked into our all time boys list while DJ and Owen had two strong 2 mile races and Jose "Carlos" Santana, Kritzio Cobian and Jose Espitia also looked good. How fun to have two emergent teams and soon our girls will be solid as well. Coach Leonardo Zamudio, Alma Cervantes, and Alumnus Pablo Emiliano Diaz did swell in the coaches race.😀 Thank you super parents (Steve Felicia Loya, Marilyn Martindale) for all your help and support!

Mike Larsen Fond memories of great races, coaches, competitions, camaraderie and super kids!

Danny Delgado Always great to see you Mr. Bruns.

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Steve Felicia Loya WHS cross country coaches are AWESOME. They are all truly dedicated to the team, they go above and beyond for these kids. This was a fun day for sure I am always happy to help.

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Charles S. Bruns Jr. Alma Cervantes, John McAnelly and Leonardo Zamudio are "rocking" this staff this year! Hang on for a wild and amazing ride.

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Keith Conning

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