Monday, November 07, 2016

Fukuoka circa 1971

Mike Fanelli updated his cover photo.
13 hrs
Fukuoka Flyers circa seventy-one

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Neta Prefontaine Kenny is in Hawaii.
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Jim Mosher Great shot, Mike. #77 looks like a young Dave Singleton. Dave coordinated the Reebok Racing Club in the UK and the Continent in the early 80s.

Rex Lane would this be the race Ken Moore wrote about, originaly in Sports Illustrated- Concentrate on the Chrysanthemuns? If not my favorite, then among my top 5 running stories of all time.
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Kim Stevenson The 2 guys behind the group are No12 : Kiwi Terry Manners and the guy alongside with dark singlet is another Kiwi John Robinson. Jack , Terry and John were NZ's Team at Commonwealth Games in 1974. Terry was a Pall bearer at Jack Fosters Funeral 10 year ago. Jack ran a 2:12 that day in Fukuoka.
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#4 Kenny Moore
Frank Shorter (Florida)

Fukuoka Marathon - Wikipedia<...
The Fukuoka Marathon is the third-longest running competition of its type in Japan, ... Frank Shorter had a record four straight wins in Fukuoka from 1971 to 1974.

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