Monday, November 28, 2016

Left to right: Dino Cardiasmenos (Castro Valley), Peter Brewer (Northgate, Walnut Creek), and Raoul Perez (Castro Valley) at State Meet

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Always room for nostalgia at my age - - We three coaches spent decades together getting teams and individuals to the State Meet, and had a sit down yesterday on the fabled "rock" that our team area has used for the last 30 years. 90 years of coaching: Dino Cardiasmenos (Castro Valley), me (now at Northgate) and Raoul Perez (Castro Valley).
Corinne Velasquez Awwww. The three best coaches ever.
Oleg Zhoglo It's almost like the Stalin-Churchill-Eisenhower picture from WW2 . I mean that as a compliment.
Paula DelaRiva Nice photo!
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Keith Conning

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