Thursday, November 24, 2016

1956 San Francisco Championship

San Francisco Championship
Golden Gate Park
November 1956

I placed second in the All-City Championship frosh-soph 1.9 mile race in 1956.  Mike Deasy (St. Ignatius) was the winner.

I ran the race in Chuck Taylor canvas high tops.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Unisex Shoe

The race started in Lindley Meadow and finished in Speedway Meadow.

The first mention of an SI cross country team occurs in the 1955 yearbook with a photograph of the first 21 runners. The following year, Inside SI praised the efforts of students Walt Van Zant, Steve Barrett, Jim Leary, Mike Deasy and George De Cat and praised the new cross country course in Golden Gate Park that started at Broom Point and went “through Lindley Meadow, around the police stables, around the middle lake, and then back down the south side of the Polo Fields, through another meadow and finally to the finish line just west of Lloyd Lake,” covering “1.9 miles of rough terrain.”11

Walt Van Zant and I are still involved in high school cross country after all of these years.  He coaches at Wilcox High School and I announce meets throughout Northern California.

This weekend I will cover the State Meet for The Conning Tower.

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