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San Francisco Championship

CIF San Francisco Championships - Nov 16, 2016
Golden Gate Park

Team Scores

c = converted Hand Timing
w = Wind Assisted (>2.0 meters per second)
^ = Altitude
Team Scores
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph - Men
1 Lowell (15)
2 Abraham Lincoln (71)
3 Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (77)
4 Phillip & Sala Burton (78)
5 George Washington (161)
6 Raoul Wallenberg (170)
5,000 Meters Varsity - Men
1 Lowell (18)
2 Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (66)
3 Abraham Lincoln (81)
4 Mission (124)
5 George Washington (129)
6 Phillip & Sala Burton (169)
7 Academy of Arts and Sciences (172)
8 Raoul Wallenberg (214)
9 Balboa (249)
10 John O'Connell (256)
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph - Women
1 Lowell (21)
2 Abraham Lincoln (60)
3 George Washington (77)
4 Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (104)
5 Phillip & Sala Burton (115)
6 Balboa (150)
5,000 Meters Varsity - Women
1 Lowell (17)
2 George Washington (44)
3 Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (87)
4 Abraham Lincoln (112)
5 Raoul Wallenberg (127)


2016 Results - California CIF SF All City XC Championships - San Francisco Section

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Results: High Speed Timing

Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Mikolaj Krajewski 15:48.0Lowell
2.11Alexander Parker 16:34.7Lowell
3.11Maximilian Tiao 16:37.6Lowell
4.12William Fuchs 16:54.7Lowell
5.11Nathan Lam 17:07.8Galileo Academy of S...
6.11Christian Chun 17:25.7Abraham Lincoln
7.12Isia Flores 17:30.6Mission
8.12Max Springer 17:32.8Lowell
9.12Jack Matull 17:47.9George Washington
10.11Liam Klaiman 17:53.2Lowell
11.11Ethan Reidenbach 18:06.2Abraham Lincoln
12.11Niko Kashima 18:07.4Galileo Academy of S...
13.12Preston Tai 18:07.7Lowell
14.11Calvin Liu 18:10.4Galileo Academy of S...
15.11Mateo Friedenbach ... 18:12.0Mission
16.12Zachary Mendoza 18:26.5Galileo Academy of S...
17.11Tatsuya Aizawa 18:31.7Abraham Lincoln
18.12Juan Torres 18:32.6Abraham Lincoln
19.-Alain Chelala 18:36.0San Francisco Intern...
20.11Kevin Serrano 18:50.9Galileo Academy of S...
21.12Brendan Fong 18:53.9Phillip & Sala Burton
22.11Brian Yu 19:03.8Galileo Academy of S...
23.12Kabila Hightower 19:04.5Phillip & Sala Burton
24.11Jared Yrastovza 19:04.7Phillip & Sala Burton
25.10Silas Phipps 19:04.8Mission
26.12Charlie Ruan 19:07.5George Washington
27.11Elvin Ng 19:07.9Raoul Wallenberg
28.12Jacky Lin 19:08.3George Washington
29.11Benjamin Levin 19:10.8Mission
30.12Christian Sevilla 19:12.0San Francisco Intern...
31.11Jason Tan 19:16.4Abraham Lincoln
32.11Brandon Tu 19:21.9Galileo Academy of S...
33.12Janis Stuurman 19:26.6Academy of Arts and ...
34.12Ido Baruch 19:26.8Academy of Arts and ...
35.10Carter Murphy 19:31.1George Washington
36.12James Valtin 19:35.2Academy of Arts and ...
37.9Jonathan TAM 19:38.2George Washington
38.12Keevan Tallon 19:52.8Academy of Arts and ...
39.11Anthony Ng 19:55.2George Washington
40.12German Adolf aguil... 19:56.6Abraham Lincoln
41.12Geist William 20:09.8Academy of Arts and ...
42.11Terence Liu 20:12.4Balboa
43. Zuchuan Li 20:18.1Raoul Wallenberg
44.11Justin Siu 20:22.4Balboa
45. Ryan Sakai 20:34.7Raoul Wallenberg
46.11Spencer Cheong 20:36.7Abraham Lincoln
47.9Elijah Adams 20:40.4John O'Connell
48.10Louie Victor 20:43.2John O'Connell
49.12Alvin Truong 20:47.1Phillip & Sala Burton
50.9Benson Lee 20:48.9Raoul Wallenberg
51.12Jonathan Sanchez 20:55.4John O'Connell
52.9Ever Rodriguez 21:10.8Mission
53.12Dylan Love-Russom 21:24.9Academy of Arts and ...
54.12Kenneth Huang 21:36.4Academy of Arts and ...
55.10Kyle Padua 21:38.3John O'Connell
56.9Calum Bradford 21:39.6Balboa
57.11Kin Seng Lam 21:42.8San Francisco Intern...
58.9Jared Le 21:56.5Balboa
59.9Wilson Szeto 22:08.9Raoul Wallenberg
60.11James Zhao 22:23.5Phillip & Sala Burton
61.11Michael Cheng 22:24.2Balboa
62.12Jeremy Louie 23:05.3Raoul Wallenberg
63.10Jalen Xu 23:26.2Balboa
64.11Darren Lee 23:27.9Balboa
65.11Derrick Thai 23:30.2Phillip & Sala Burton
66.10Ian Chan 24:44.8John O'Connell
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

1.10Noah Battaglia 16:35.5Lowell
2.10James Holcombe 16:46.6Lowell
3.9Zachary Parker 16:53.8Lowell
4.10Beck Johnstone 17:52.7Lowell
5.9Norton Choy 18:07.8Lowell
6.10Mohamed AlHayawa 18:17.5San Francisco Intern...
7.11Emil Rodriguez 18:24.9Lowell
8.10Joshua Yamamoto 18:32.5Phillip & Sala Burton
9.12Runjia Chen 18:44.9Lowell
10.10Annison Van 19:00.9Abraham Lincoln
11.9Benny Wu 19:02.8Galileo Academy of S...
12.9Jimmy Wu 19:03.0Galileo Academy of S...
13.11Robert Clarke 19:03.0Lowell
14.10Ryan Lee 19:06.2Lowell
15.9Joshua LEE 19:09.9Abraham Lincoln
16.9Joseph Vandongen 19:10.7Abraham Lincoln
17.11Raymond Huang 19:24.6Lowell
18.12Trevor Ng 19:27.3Lowell
19.10Henry Lei 19:29.5Lowell
20. Edward Castorena 19:34.1Academy of Arts No S...
21.10Steven Wong 19:37.1Phillip & Sala Burton
22.10Donald Chung 19:44.1Lowell
23.9Ryan Lee 19:47.1Galileo Academy of S...
24.9Christopher Lee 19:50.5Phillip & Sala Burton
25.11Zac Smith-Russack 19:54.6Lowell
26.10Hao Zheng 19:57.0Phillip & Sala Burton
27.9Emanuel Gonzalez 20:04.2Abraham Lincoln
28.9Elias Marcelino 20:12.3Abraham Lincoln
29.11Timothy Lin 20:17.8Galileo Academy of S...
30.12Jacky Choi 20:18.0Lowell
31.9Peter Colias 20:20.7Galileo Academy of S...
32.11Alan Tsui 20:21.9Galileo Academy of S...
33.11Colin Li 20:22.4Lowell
34.9Chance Ford 20:23.7Lowell
35.9Wen Cai 20:30.2Lowell
36.9Avery Ulinskas 20:33.7Lowell
37.12Kangyu (Ivan) Wang 20:35.9Galileo Academy of S...
38.11Justin Luc 20:36.7Lowell
39.10Trevor Louie 20:42.9Lowell
40.10Andy Chen 20:51.6Galileo Academy of S...
41.10Dechun Zheng 20:59.3San Francisco Intern...
42.9Henry Tran 21:02.2Galileo Academy of S...
43.9Daniel Cavanaugh 21:03.6Phillip & Sala Burton
44.12Jason Zhen 21:05.2Galileo Academy of S...
45.9Nathan Chamberlin 21:05.2Lowell
46.9Lucas Chan 21:18.4Abraham Lincoln
47.12Trevor Li 21:18.9Galileo Academy of S...
48.10Kevin Dunn 21:19.8Lowell
49.9Aladdin Wang 21:30.0Lowell
50.9Christopher Bautista 21:39.8Lowell
51.9Jiajun Huang 21:48.1Abraham Lincoln
52.10Youcan Liang 22:07.4San Francisco Intern...
53.9Jackson Lynch 22:10.7Raoul Wallenberg
54.10Nathan Tang 22:11.9Galileo Academy of S...
55.12Truman Chan 22:14.8George Washington
56.10Qingyu Li 22:17.2Phillip & Sala Burton
57.10Nicholas Chan 22:18.5Lowell
58.10Stanley Zeng 22:21.1Phillip & Sala Burton
59.10Benito Hernandez 22:25.5San Francisco Intern...
60.10Jiajun Liu 22:25.7Galileo Academy of S...
61.9Nico Dabi 22:36.9Phillip & Sala Burton
62.11Jialin Xiao 22:43.1Abraham Lincoln
63.10Cody Tieu 22:43.9Galileo Academy of S...
64.9Garret Leong 23:01.3George Washington
65.11Jordan Mai 23:03.4Galileo Academy of S...
66.9Victor Ha 23:04.8Abraham Lincoln
67.9Anthony Trieu 23:09.9Abraham Lincoln
68.10Jason Wong 23:17.0George Washington
69.9Allan Candia 23:20.2George Washington
70.10Jalius Welch 23:20.3Raoul Wallenberg
71.12Johnathan Hsu 23:30.3Raoul Wallenberg
72.9Wallace Li 23:37.4Raoul Wallenberg
73.9Derek Jensen 23:41.3Lowell
74.11Steven Liao 23:49.4George Washington
75.9Marc Mallari 23:52.2Phillip & Sala Burton
76.10Matthew Wong 23:53.3Raoul Wallenberg
77.9Brian Kong 24:00.3Raoul Wallenberg
78.10Justin Aguirre 24:01.7Abraham Lincoln
79.12Sanskar Gyawali 24:16.3Raoul Wallenberg
80. Samuel Wai 24:38.4Balboa NS
81.12Hien Nguyen 24:57.5Raoul Wallenberg
82.9Benjamin Wu 25:09.7Galileo Academy of S...
83.10Robert Milanes 25:14.3Phillip & Sala Burton
84.10Tomas Montuya 25:22.1Phillip & Sala Burton
85.9Elliot Dunham 26:08.1Raoul Wallenberg
86.9Darryl Li 26:20.8George Washington
87.11Kevin Chen 27:52.0George Washington
88.12Nicholas Kwan 28:30.1Raoul Wallenberg
89.9Gary Tam 29:28.8Phillip & Sala Burton
90.9Russell Chan 29:47.4Abraham Lincoln
91.9Charles Cullen 30:30.5Lowell
92.11Yonas Tesfai 33:04.9George Washington
93.9Alex Luu 33:26.3Raoul Wallenberg
52.11Ryan Tom DQLowell
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Sierra Brill 17:26.8Lowell
2.11Natalie Ewe 18:38.4Lowell
3.11Alyssa Young 20:02.4Lowell
4.12Hannah Ryan 20:34.7George Washington
5.11Elena Cawthon 21:06.7Lowell
6.11Victoria Huang 21:10.0Lowell
7.12Vanessa Yu 21:13.4George Washington
8.12Claire Payne 21:31.1Lowell
9.12Cynthia Leung 21:55.2Lowell
10.11Tiffany Lui 22:11.1George Washington
11.9Robin Fong 22:19.5George Washington
12.11Camellia Ly 22:21.5George Washington
13.11Cathy Liang 22:27.2Galileo Academy of S...
14.12Bernice Lam 22:43.1Abraham Lincoln
15.9Kiara Neely 22:56.0Raoul Wallenberg
16.10Dana Liu 23:17.0Galileo Academy of S...
17.12Janet Damian 23:19.1Galileo Academy of S...
18.12Leanne Wong 23:30.0Phillip & Sala Burton
19.11Samantha Lau 23:48.9George Washington
20.11Angelina Marcelino 23:53.6Abraham Lincoln
21.10Celine Ruan 23:59.3Galileo Academy of S...
22.10Alanna Lee 24:10.4Galileo Academy of S...
23.10Anya Durgerian 24:12.3George Washington
24.10Yaxuan Guan 24:17.7Galileo Academy of S...
25.12Julian Castro 24:50.2Phillip & Sala Burton
26.12Kali Tagomori 24:54.9Abraham Lincoln
27.9Romi Ocadiz-Cruz 25:08.2Raoul Wallenberg
28.9Michaela Royer 25:10.7Raoul Wallenberg
29.11Josephine Clay 25:24.4Abraham Lincoln
30.12Adrianna Barajas 25:32.2Abraham Lincoln
31.10Tiffany Zhou 25:32.9Raoul Wallenberg
32.10Wynee Chen 26:09.2Galileo Academy of S...
33.11Elizabeth YIP 26:23.7Abraham Lincoln
34.11Michelle Huang 26:48.2Academy of Arts and ...
35.10Katie Nguyen 27:30.5Raoul Wallenberg
36.11HinWah Lor 37:17.5Academy of Arts and ...
37.11Zixin Guan 40:38.3Academy of Arts and ...
38.11Kelley Goliman 41:53.6Academy of Arts and ...
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

1.10Sophia Riordan 21:48.8Lowell
2.9Emi Steedman 21:51.4Lowell
3.10Keana Wong 21:55.5Abraham Lincoln
4.9Elen ZHU 22:29.0Abraham Lincoln
5.9Michelle Wong 22:44.1Lowell
6.10Sherrice Law 22:57.6Lowell
7.10Kaye Chin 23:06.4Lowell
8.12Nancy Jing 23:11.4Galileo Academy of S...
9.9Jillian Carillo 23:17.7Lowell
10.10Katrina Lau 23:28.8Lowell
11.12Shania Lee 23:37.0Lowell
12.11Monica Cao 23:39.9Lowell
13.10Lisa Hu 23:40.8Lowell
14.9Isabelle Sam 23:46.6Lowell
15.10Neiman Silverii 24:19.6George Washington
16.11Wendy Li 24:25.3George Washington
17.9Leela Wong 24:51.4Abraham Lincoln
18.10Moriah Chiang 24:54.9Abraham Lincoln
19.11Jiayi Cheng 25:20.9Lowell
20.9Alexz Miranda 25:25.7George Washington
21.10Kaitlyn Chow 25:27.8Lowell
22.10Rebecca Cavanaugh 25:34.9Phillip & Sala Burton
23.12Alice Liang 25:39.4George Washington
24.10Esther Chung 25:47.4Lowell
25.11Nancy Zhong 25:48.1Galileo Academy of S...
26.10Jana Cam 25:49.4Phillip & Sala Burton
27.10Sophia Dinh 25:51.0Phillip & Sala Burton
28.11Mariann Guzman 25:53.8Lowell
29.10Jasmine Liang 25:55.4Lowell
30.12Leslie Zolan 26:07.5Lowell
31.11Tracy Tam 26:15.9Galileo Academy of S...
32.9Allison Jou 26:16.7Lowell
33.9Marine Yamaguchi 26:17.4George Washington
34.10Susan Wong 26:48.0Lowell
35.9Jasmine Ochoa 26:52.9Balboa
36.11Bella Brady 26:56.3George Washington
37.10Marcela Salazar 26:58.7Galileo Academy of S...
38.10Grace Wen 27:22.3Lowell
39.10Clare DeLucchi 27:32.0Abraham Lincoln
40.12Lisa Wu 27:44.3George Washington
41.10Jasper Dwyer 27:47.0Balboa
42.11Samantha Chan 28:03.5George Washington
43.11Selina Liu 28:20.7George Washington
44.10Cecily Zhu 29:14.3Phillip & Sala Burton
45.11Anahi Zarate Castro 29:49.1Balboa
46.10Patricia Fong 29:50.6Phillip & Sala Burton
47.12Celeste Yeung-Phan... 30:29.1Galileo Academy of S...
48.9Jaime Choi 30:29.2George Washington
49.11Laura Jian 30:33.1Galileo Academy of S...
50.9Hilary Narangerel 30:38.8George Washington
51.9Michelle Kang 30:47.2George Washington
52.9Salwa Saleh 31:46.2George Washington
53.9Naomi Lozano 32:31.2Balboa
54. Alya Truong 32:33.3Balboa NS
55.10Sarah Huang 33:06.4Balboa
56.12Mia Ramirez 34:26.1George Washington
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