Sunday, November 13, 2016

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3rd CCS title in a row for the boys and 6th overall since joining CCS in 2008. The girls finished in 3rd place missing the state meet by 1 point. Congratulations to Francisco Cornejo and his girls for their state meet qualifying effort.

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Rob Collins Congrats Albert!

Luis Rosales Congrats Albert!! Way to go

Nino Hernandez Congrats Albert

Jeff Myers Congrats coach!

Laura Schmitt Huge congrats!!!!

John Novitsky Coach, you continue to inspire and to amaze. Good luck at Fresno.

Jim Nicholas Great going guys...🇺🇸

Roberta Chisam Congrats on developing such a strong program.

Scott Carvey what are you some kind of genius, wow, congrats!!!!

Steve Nelson congrats

Keith Conning Albert is a man of many talents!

Keith Conning

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