Monday, July 03, 2017

Travel Bite no. 75 - That Special Place
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Hi Traveler,
Welcome to Travel Bite no. 75 - That Special Place.

Do you have a place in mind the mere mention of which evokes memories of a lifetime?
I have one.

Five generations of my family have been going there every summer since I was six.
It was there that I learned to swim, to water ski, to snow ski, to play mah jong, to fish, to collect beetles,
to chase metallic green bees, to sneak into Cal-Neva and gamble despite being well under age.
It was there that Stanlee Buchanan and I ran basketball camps and where Dave Barni and I ran cross country camps.
It was where I first caught a Rubber Boa and where I beat Rich, my son-in-law, in 17 consecutive games of gin. 
I shot a chipmunk there once - and still feel bad about it.
It was there that we were stuck overnight by the road in deep snow, and where my brakes failed as I piled into
the back of Chip Wray’s car. And where the skis flew off the ski rack.
The memories surface as I reflect.

We’ll gather from distant parts for next week’s annual gathering: from Singapore, Vermont, Santa Barbara, Colorado,
San Rafael, and Fairfax. 

Where is your Special Place? Just send me the name, not the particulars.
My Special Place: Lake Tahoe

You’ll have to wait for Bite no,76, I’ll be at the Lake next week.

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