Sunday, July 30, 2017

Jim Conning

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Dynamic, global Engineering leader with deep foundation in startups. Accomplished senior technology leader and software innovator who specializes in delivering scalable services. Experienced entrepreneur who founded and grew a VC-funded startup to the point of acquisition.

Solid track record of leading high caliber teams to deliver innovative solutions at scale.

- Hands-on technical leader who gets things done. Sums up what needs to be done and drives hard to get there. Inspired architect who enjoys innovating and the accomplishment of achieving objectives under adverse conditions.

- Builder of world-class technical teams. Self-confident, decisive leader who inspires confidence in others. Recruits, trains and manages global teams to produce and support compelling user experiences on high-traffic web sites. Translates company objectives into a compelling vision that mobilizes the troops to do their best work. Mentors team members to remedy skill gaps and advance high-potential performers.

- Expert problem-solver who grounds decisions in data. Big picture thinker who balances quick decision-making with focus on root cause and long-term impact of decisions. Uses keen analytical skills to study metrics and narrow down the best options. Sees what needs to be done almost immediately.



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