Sunday, January 01, 2017

Renaldo Nehemiah vs. Greg Foster

Barton Williams and Robert Addison Poynter commented on a post from November 20, 2016.
(Highlight) 2 Rivalry - What can you call a Classic Rivalry when everybody stands up before the race start,The word sit down will get you cussed out. Two of the world all time greatest high hurdler Renaldo Skeets Nehemiah & Greg Foster you know there history World record, Meet record, number one ranking, school record holder Etc:
Robert Addison Poynter Happy New year's to you and your family and thanks for posting so many outstanding photos of the past superstars it makes me miss this great period of track and field history ...See More
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Barton Williams Thank you very much Mr Poynter I I appreciated it very much. When I get my hard drive fixed I will be posting some more that's why it's a delay in posting photos
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Keith Conning
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