Friday, July 15, 2016

Shannon Rowbury and high school coach Andy Chan (Sacred Heart Cathedral, San Francisco) share lipstick

Peter Brewer commented on this.
Just posted a blog about the Women's Olympic Trials 1500. Read the blog if you want to know why I have the lipstick on in the below photo.…/and-rio-makes-it-a-t…/
Kenley Gaffke Way to go Shannon! Great blog post Andy!
Alfonso Gaitan Gonzales I hope you are being compensate financially for the cosmetics you have become to wear during interviews. I always remember you as a natural beauty without any of it. It's just something I just thought about for the first time when I viewed this picture .to phunnie the way a seniors mind works sometimes.
Alfonso Gaitan Gonzales congrats to a most deserving athlete who has walked the path of a brace courageous soul.
Peter Brewer I just thought you were highly sensitive. Lovely shade.

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