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From 1976 to 2016 the world's record for 800 meters was broken ten times by just four athletes

10 X the 40 year window from 1976 -2016, the world's record for 800 meters was broken TEN times by just FOUR athletes for a total improvement of 2.59 seconds
BTW, 48.10 is what Wilson Kipketer split while setting the WR in Zurich (as shown here) of THREE times he set such a standard
Bracketed with WR performances during Olympic Games finals (1976 and 2012) here are the details of the two lap record progression list over the past four decades
Alberto Juantorena (CUB) 1976-07-16 Montreal, Canada[1]
1:43.4 1:43.44 Alberto Juantorena (CUB) 1977-08-21 Sofia, Bulgaria[1]
1:42.4 1:42.33 Sebastian Coe (GBR) 1979-07-05 Oslo, Norway[1]
1:41.73 Sebastian Coe (GBR) 1981-06-10 Florence, Italy[1]
1:41.73 Wilson Kipketer (DEN) 1997-07-07 Stockholm, Sweden[1]
1:41.24 Wilson Kipketer (DEN) 1997-08-13 Zürich, Switzerland[1]
1:41.11 Wilson Kipketer (DEN) 1997-08-24 Cologne, Germany[1]
1:41.09 David Rudisha (KEN) 2010-08-22 Berlin, Germany[2]
1:41.01 David Rudisha (KEN) 2010-08-29 Rieti, Italy[2]
1:40.91 David Rudisha (KEN)
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John Ziegler While Wilson was kicking butt I asked my friend lambic Auguta why he didn't run 800 or 1500 he said he only could run 1:47 and 3:52 in the mile. Not bad speed for a marathon runner
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Bennie Stander Class! !
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Christian Cushing-murray curious Mike Fanelli--why do you think the 400/800 records are so difficult to break? i've always assumed the tough balance of speed and stamina makes it difficult, even in the steroid and epo era...

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