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Youth high jump, shot put and 200m national records fall Thursday at USATF National JOTF Championships



SACRAMENTO — Breaking the youth national record in the boys’ 13-14 high jump twice, Trey Tintinger (Helena, Montana; USATF Montana) took the gold with a 2.00m/6-6.75 clearance on his third attempt. He broke the previous record of 1.95m6-4.75, set in 2012 by Justice Summerset, on his third try at 1.96m/6-5.

On his final throw of the competition, Xavier Muhammad (Houston, Texas; USATF Gulf) obliterated the boys’ 8 & under shot put national youth record with a throw of 10.41m/34-2. The previous record of 9.62m/31-6.75 was set in 2012 by Maalik Murphy.
Jelani Heath (Puyallup, Washington; Pacific Northwest), the Washington state 4A champion, won the women’s 17-18 long jump with a lifetime-best leap of 6.12m/20-1. Right behind her was Washington 2A winner Wurrie Njadoe (Shoreline, Washington; Pacific Northwest), who spanned 6.03m/19-9.5, also a lifetime best.

Runner-up in the long jump yesterday, Jasmine Moore (Mansfield, Texas; USATF Southwestern) won the 15-16 girls’ triple jump with a wind-aided leap of 12.87m/42-2.75. Moore was the Texas 5A state champion in the triple jump in May.

Georgia’s 5A state champion, Matthew Moore (McDonough, Georgia; USATF Georgia), had the fastest time of the day in the prelims of the men’s 17-18 110m hurdles, running 13.69 into a 0.9 mps wind. Moore has a best of 13.45 this year, and the JO meet record is 13.41.

Missing the national youth record by .04 seconds, Mayen Usoro (Phoenix, Arizona; USATF Arizona) topped all qualifiers for the semifinals in the girls’ 8 & under 100m with her 14.29 effort. She later narrowly missed the national youth record of 29.48 in the 200m, running 29.49 in the semis.

After missing out on a national youth record in the prelims of the 8 & under boys’ 200m yesterday due to an illegal aiding wind, Braylon Thomas (Fayetteville, North Carolina; USATF North Carolina) smashed that record in the third semifinal with a 28.08. Rhoan Kaulder (Rochester, New York; USATF Niagara) had the second-fastest time in the semis at 28.45 in section two, which stood briefly as a JO meet record before Thomas’ rapid run.

Jenna Diers (Bolingbrook, Illinois; USATF Illinois) started strong in the women’s 17-18 800m with the fastest first lap of her division and maintained the lead to secure a spot in the finals. Her 2:14.98 puts her in solid company with 2016 USATF New York Association Junior Olympic Championships event winner Kaylah Quarshie (Mount Vernon, New York; USATF New York).

Los Angeles Jets (Los Angeles, California; USATF Southern California) blazed ahead in the girls’ 8 & under 4x100m preliminaries, anchored by Zaria Mayfield. The club’s 59.86 came incredibly close to the national record of 59.83 set by a previous Los Angeles Jets team in 2013.

In the first heat of men’s 17-18 4x100m, Sprint Athletics Track (Atlanta, Georgia; USATF Georgia) set the pace for all other relay teams by finishing nearly a second faster at 40.43.  

Friday’s events begin at 8:00 a.m. PT with the first round of 15-16B 3000 meters, followed by the 17-18W Triple Jump. Follow along with the action on and join the conversation by following USATF on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #JOTF and #USATFuturestars.

A total of 7,524 athletes will compete this week at Sacramento State, making the 50th anniversary event the largest USATF Junior Olympics ever west of the Mississippi.

For more information on the 2016 USATF Junior Olympics National Championships, visit:

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1500M (13-14G) Prelims
Lacey Eden, 4:37.53
Isabella Fauria, 4:37.57
Chloe Foerster, 4:45.38
1500M (13-14B) Prelims
Colin Peattie, 4:15.22
Zev Feidelberg, 4:16.24
Adham Maher, 4:17.69
1500M (15-16G) Prelims
Emily Covert, 4:42.02
Lauren Peterson, 4:45.44
Alexis Roehl, 4:50.22
1500M (15-16B) Prelims
Mason Brown, 4:08.32
Graydon Morris, 4:08.95
Preston Norris, 4:09.92
1500M (17-18W) Prelims
Kaylah Quarshie, 4:43.17
Alize Hartke, 4:49.00
Carolyn Evans, 4:44.90
1500M (17-18M) Prelims
Hunter Lucas, 4:01.12
Nic Caruso, 4:04.80
Alexander Hirsch, 4:08.20
Long Jump (17-18W) Finals
Jelani Heath, 6.12m/20-01.00
Long Jump (15-16B) Finals
Jacory Patterson, 7.18m/23-06.75
High Jump (9-10B) Finals
Amare Shaw, 1.35m/4-05:00
High Jump (13-14B) Finals
Trey Tintinger, 2:00m/6-06.75 (National Record)
Shot Put (11-12B) Finals
Kevin Adams II, 15.87m/52-01:00
Discus Throw (17-18M) Finals  
Terrell Adams, 59.89m/196-06
Javelin Throw (9-10G) Finals
Samantha Franklin, 31.47m/103-03
Pole Vault (15-16G) Finals
Cathryn Anna Griffith, 3.65m/11-11.75
Shot Put (8 & under B) Finals
Xavier Muhammad, 10.41m/34-02.00 (National Record)
Javelin Throw (11-12G) Finals
Jasmine Hampton, 37.44m/122-10
Discus Throw (17-18W) Finals
Jordan Spradlin, 44.20m/145-00
Triple Jump (13-14G) Finals
Jade McDonald, 11.81m/38-9.00 (National Junior Olympics Record)
Shot Put (15-16B) Finals
Daniel Viveros, 16.93m/55-06.50
Triple Jump (15-16G) Finals
Jasmine Moore, 12.87m/42-02.75
110M Hurdles (15-16B) Prelims
Tai Brown, 14.56
Keiron Hunter, 14.67
Joshua Owten, 14.71
110M Hurdles (17-18M) Prelims
Matthew Moore, 13.69
Bryce Douglass, 14.02
Noah Green, 14.13
100M Hurdles (13-14G) Prelims
Jayla Hollis, 14.84
Jazmin Jackson, 14.87
Faith Edwards, 14.90
100M Hurdles (13-14B) Prelims
Kalil Branham, 13.72
Kirk Collins, 13.97
Jevan Terry, 14.06
100M Hurdles (15-16G) Prelims
Justice McCullum, 14.39
Darci Khan, 14.59
Caitli Worline-Thompson, 14.59
100M Hurdles (17-18W) Prelims  
Reonna Collier, 13.82
Destinee Rocker, 13.96
Brandi Hughes, 14.25
80M Hurdles (11-12G) Prelims
Kaiha Gayles, 12.76
Paris Baker, 12.83
Yahnari Lyons, 12.86
100M (8 & under G) Prelims
Mayen Usoro, 14.29
Marvelous White, 14.44
Ahniyah Bennett, 14.45
100M (8 & under B) Prelims
Rhoan Kaulder II, 13.98
Bryson Flynn, 13.99
Braylon Thomas, 14.01
100M (9-10G) Prelims
Mikaela Warr, 13.50
Tarrianna Jackson, 13.71
Erin Johnson, 13.74
100M (9-10B) Prelims
Mark Fyffe, 12.95
Orlando Thompson, 13.16
Jaren Blankenship, 13.21
100M (11-12G) Prelims
Jazlynn Gibbs, 12.62
Chardai Victorian, 12.78
Shawnti Jackson, 13.00
100M (11-12B) Prelims
Xavier Simpson, 11.87
Tyrone Taylor II, 12.13
Nyckoles Harbor, 12.16
100M (13-14G) Prelims
Tionna Brown, 12.04
Diandrenique Gaines, 12.15
Trinity Flagler, 12.19
100M (13-14B) Prelims
Kelee Ringo, 11.20
Isaiah Gadson, 11.25
Ashton Allen, 11.29
100M (15-16G) Prelims
Lanae-Tava Thomas, 11.92
Alexa Rossum, 12.04
Zeniyah Lawrence, 12.07
100M (15-16B) Prelims
Khafre Brown, 10.79
Cameron Council, 10.88
Dante Brown, 10.88
100M (17-18W) Prelims
Wurrie Njadoe, 11.76
Kennedy Dennis, 11.84
Demi Washington, 11.84
100M (17-18M) Prelims
Joseph Sheffield, 10.52
Zeivaun Ned, 10.61
Devion Clayton, 10.64
200M (8 & under G) Semi-Finals
Mayen Usoro, 29.49
Olivia Harris, 29.52
Ahniyah Bennett, 30.35
200M (8 & under B) Semi-Finals
Braylon Thomas, 28.08 (National Record)
Rhoan Kaulder II, 28.45 (National Junior Olympics Record)
Carter Williams, 29.41
200M (9-10G) Semi-Finals
Mikaela Warr, 27.35
Tarrianna Jackson, 27.66
Naia Carter, 27.78
200M (9-10B) Semi-Finals
Mark Fyffe, 26.69
Orlando Thompson, 26.81
Jaiden Patterson, 26.99
200M (11-12G) Semi-Finals
Ramiah Elliott, 25.65
Jazlynn Gibbs, 25.83
Chardai Victorian, 26.31
200M (11-12B) Semi-Finals
Thomas Williams II, 23.42
Xavier Simpson, 24.22
Nyckoles Harbor, 24.69
200M (13-14G) Semi-Finals
Kayla Davis, 24.46
Tionna Brown, 24.51
Kennedi Sanders, 24.57
200M (13-14B) Semi-Finals
Ashton Allen, 22.28
Sean Burrell, 22.59
Brian Williams, 22.71
200M (15-16G) Semi-Finals
Lanae-Tava Thomas, 23.79
Alexa Rossum, 24.19
Lauryn Hall, 24.45
200M (15-16B) Semi-Finals
Khafre Brown, 21.33
Keishawn Everly, 21.60
Jacory Patterson, 21.69
200M (17-18W) Semi-Finals
Demi Washington, 24.40
Sharnae Alston, 24.40
Charminiqu Hackney, 24.66
200M (17-18M) Semi-Finals
Tyler Terry, 21.17
Joe Williams, 21.26
Jayson Ashford, 21.55
800M (13-14G) Semi-Finals
Chloe Foerster, 2:13.62
Victoria Vanriele, 2:15.13
Sophie Atkinson, 2:16.77
800M (13-14B) Semi-Finals
Erick Steward, 1:59.62
Sean Burrell, 2:01.67
Ian Gilmore, 2:04.04
800M (15-16G) Semi-Finals
Alyssa Brewer, 2:12.62
Emoni Coleman, 2:14.47
Hayleigh Palotti, 2:17.53
800M (15-16B) Semi-Finals
Jason Gomez, 1:55.19
Johan Correa, 1:57.62
Miles Duncan, 1:58.44
800M (17-18W) Semi-Finals
Bryanna Rivers, 2:14.94
Imani Boggan, 2:15.44
Kaylah Quarshie, 2:15.85
800M (17-18M) Semi-Finals
Devan Kirk, 1:51.60
Antonio Davis, 1:53.74
Bennett Hillier, 1:54.84
2000M Steeplechase Finals
Hayleigh Palotti, 7:10.19 (15-16G)
Jenna Melanson, 7:02.25 (17-18W)
4x100M (8 & under G) Prelims
Los Angeles Jets, 59.86
Hercules Running Rebels, 1:00.06
Valley United Track Club, 1:01.44
4x100M (8 & under B) Prelims
Massey Miracle Run, 57.38
VeloCity Track, 58.72
Valley United Track Club, 59.11
4x100M (9-10G) Prelims
Valley United Track Club, 54.58
Drive Phase Inc., 54.81
Do Right Track, 56.18
4x100M (9-10B) Prelims
Drive Phase Inc., 52.49
Jackrabbi tTrack & Field, 53.03
Valley United Track Club, 53.50
4x100M (11-12G) Prelims
Oakland Pal, 49.45
Glenarden Track, 51.03
Run U Xpress, 51.30
4x100M (11-12B) Prelims
Hallmark Track, 50.16
Track Xplosion, 50.24
Gadsden Burners, 51.87
4x100M (13-14G) Prelims
North Texas Cheetahs Track, 46.93
North Texas Cheetahs Track, 47.49
Star Track, 48.40
4x100M (13-14B) Prelims
Pacific Coast Shock Waves, 45.00
Club 702, 45.24
United Southern Express Track, 46.08
4x100M (15-16G) Prelims
Jackrabbit Track & Field Club, 46.19
Glenarden Track, 46.95
North Texas Cheetahs Track, 47.06
4x100M (15-16B) Prelims
Hampton Phillips Classic Track, 42.40
Track Houston Youth Track, 41.38
Hallmark Track, 41.24
A Running Start TC, 42.77
4x100M (17-18W) Prelims
Track Houston Youth Track,  45.54                 
Audience of One, 46.13               
Track Houston Youth Track, 46.27               
North Texas Cheetahs Track, 46.33              
Texas Storm Track, 48.10                
4x100M (17-18M) Prelims
Sprint Athletics Track, 40.43               
Texas Storm Track, 41.40               
Track Xplosion, 41.48                 
Team Quest, 41.48               
Club Nitro Conyers, 41.61               
Team Quest, 41.79

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