Sunday, July 24, 2016

When One Mother Defied America: The Photo That Changed the Civil Rights Movement

An excellent video.... Please watch.
I believe that while our brothers and sisters are suffering at the hands of racism, the heart of the problem lies with the white establishment that perpetuates the status quo and allows the privilege of fear, ignorance and indifference to guide their actions. If you think that's not you, think again. We are the problem. We need to own this.
People can protest and raise the issues to the forefront, but nothing will ever change for those who are suffering until we stand with them and demand freedom, equality, justice and peace. It starts with you and me.
The story behind the photo that exposed racism in America and changed the Civil Rights Movement.

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Noah Wheelock Really well said.

Fana Fuqua Powerful.

Nicky Grant Thanks Jen!

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Keith Conning Amen. Thank you Jennifer.

Jennifer Joyce threw the hammer for California.

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