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Travel Bite no. 89 - World Animal Day
Mon, Oct 16, 2017 7:50 pm
Duncan MacSwain (dmacs11@icloud.com)To:you (Bcc) + 1 more Details Slideshow

Hi Traveler,
Welcome to Travel Bite no. 89 - World Animal Day (and Reptile Awareness Day)

Have your local and world travels offered unexpected animal encounters?
Do you remember them vividly? And have you told stories about those special events?
I’ve had many such encounters, and if you know me well you’ve heard several of them.

It’s unlikely you are aware that today, October 16th, is World Animal Day.
With that in mind, be sure to do something kind for an animal of your choice.

 Saturday, October 21st, is Reptile Awareness Day.
The next time you pick up a lizard be sure to turn it on its back in the palm of your hand.
The lizard will become disoriented and lie motionless.
And then what - that’s up to you.

I found this Crested Green Lizard one night in Borneo when my son Alex and I were
out looking for tree frogs and night insects.  Night is a great time for exploration and
discovery in the rainforest. Try it. Or even better, join one of my rainforest trips
into the Peruvian jungle.

Have a great week.

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