Monday, April 17, 2017

Yap Island

Hi traveler,
Welcome to Travel Bite no. 68 - Take the Stone Path.

     Remote villages in Yap are connected by centuries old stone paths.
Local villagers spend at least one day each month cleaning and maintaining these paths.
Rendalyn and Juliana were leaving Wuluug on the path to Ruun’uw when I took this photo
one afternoon in March, a few years ago.
I had been taking some photos for the Yap Visitors Bureau (YVB).
The YVB particularly liked this photo.
They made 10,000 advertising postcard size cards as part of a promotional splash.
Some cards may still be available.
I still have a few.
YVB also uses this photo as the 7’x10’ booth backdrop at travel shows.
Look for it when you attend your next international travel exhibit.

Do you have a favorite stone path?
Where does it take you?

See you next week.

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