Thursday, March 09, 2017

Bill Taylor and Wes Santee

suspense in Boston Garden
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Preview of Sunday "festival" photo

Boston Garden is pulsating.  It is packed with pro Ron Delany fans who want to see the future Olympic 1500m champion defeat track's "bad boy", the Wes Santee. My Quantico teammate, Wes asked me to take the lead in the 11 lap mile and run "2 flat" at the half mile mark. I had never been on an indoor track before.
I hit 58 at the 440, 2 flat at the half mile, and Santee had a very good lead on the popular Irish star.*  The picture shows me pulling out from the inside lane and letting Wes move thru. 
Delany would go on to win the Olympic gold in 1956, Santee would be banned for life by the Amateur Athletic Association.
More to follow
* my splits from Associated Press release

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Bill Taylor & Wes Santee

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