Thursday, October 27, 2016

MEL XC Championships at Lagoon Valley, Vacaville

The MEL XC Championships at Lagoon Valley was really fun. The sport has grown in the area schools and both Will C Wood and especially Vaca High put a lot of runners on the course. I got to say I am proud of what that course has become over the last 30 years. It took equal amounts of tractor work, creativity and patience to create. Today it looms legendary in cross country circles. I did good!😎👍
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Wendi Gardner Hendershot Yes! You did GREAT!! Wish I was on here more to know you were in town! Did anyone know the trail blazer was in their presence?
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Andy Rosebrook Big Mama and Little Sister were a serious home course advantage.
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Mike Larsen Tim Holdener I agree. It does seem like yesterday. Tim, Luke, Loren, Jose and Kenny. I know there were others, you guys were amazing! You still have that blue hat?

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