BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Of all the “multi-hyphenates” in TV at the moment, there may none quite as hyphenated as Daveed Diggs. Actor-writer-rapper-producer-musician-playwright-Broadway and voiceover star- . . . The hyphens march on, but until now one in fact has been missing — showrunner. That arrives this fall with “The Mayor,” a new ABC comedy he’s co-producing with Jeremy Bronson, a veteran “Late Night” writer.
What’s so unusual about this, however, is that Diggs — who achieved Broadway superstardom with “Hamilton” — isn’t just an executive producer, which can often mean that the person holding the title makes certain the trains, so to speak, run on time. He’s also writing all the rap songs for this unique hybrid-music-comedy (another hyphen!) series. He could, and likely will, assume an on-screen role at some point too (he’s already a semi-regular on “black-ish.”)