Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Hi Travler,
Welcome to Bite no. 79 - Festivals: South America

Do you remember the first time you went to a parade, the first time you saw fireworks?
Can you recall the first time you went to a fair:  the sounds, the smells, the rides, the colors?
Festivals and community events hold treasured memories, and continue to do so.

Such festivities hold sway worldwide. 
Have you been to local or national celebrations in another country? I hope so.

The Inti Raymi, near Cusco and Sacsayhuaman, Peru, is held on June 24th, the winter solstice.
A full day of pageantry, color, Incan history, speeches (in Quechua) and photo challenges.
Visitors from throughout South America attend.
Be sure to take a camera or recording device. See the attached photo.
Some people in my group had lost interest after four hours or so.

 I was in Manaus, Brazil, taking photos for the swimsuit issue of a magazine in
Argentina (how did that happen?) when I stumbled across the Amazonas Folklore Festival.
Three evenings of dance, music, color and tradition, a few speeches (in Portuguese).
 Every evening was the same, yet different. The color and energy throughout was vibrant.

Have you been to Carnaval in Rio? Or any of the other hundreds of festivals held in
South American countries throughout the year? 

Next week:  Festivals in Asia
Have a great week.


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