Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Left to Right: Henry Rono (Washington State), James Munyala, Craig Virgin, Sydney Maree, Alberto Salazar at Brooks Meet of Champions at Edwards Stadium in Berkeley

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Mike Fanelli Maree 7:43.0, Rono, 7:47.4, Treacy 7:48.0, Virgin 7:48.2, Al Sal 7:53.2, Fredericks 7:56,0, Munyala 7:56.8, Macdonald 8:02.6, Plasencia 8:05.2, Kissin 8:27.0
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Joseph Johnson 1.86 miles (7.5 laps)
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Ray Cook I wonder how many times Treacy and Virgin have finished that close in races over the years? So glad to see Treacy medal in '84.
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Patrick Davey A who's who of distance running. Sydney beat Henry by 4 seconds...wow.

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