Wednesday, March 30, 2016


RUN JUNKIE: Will German Fernandez Pull A Solinsky?
Watch this week's version of Run Junkie presented by Miznuo!
Will German Fernandez pull a Chris Solinsky at the Stanford Invite in his first ever 10k? FloTrack will be LIVE this weekend to see it all go down!

This Is Big Dog Business
Watch The Trailer for DRIVEN: LaShawn Merritt!
Watch the trailer for our latest FloFilm, DRIVEN: LaShawn Merritt now! Episode one premieres Wednesday, April 6th - stay tuned.

Workout Wednesday: DMR Champs Georgetown Women
Workout Wednesday with the 2016 NCAA DMR Champion Georgetown Hoyas!
Take an inside look at the Georgetown Hoyas the week before they won the 2016 NCAA DMR title in this week's Workout Wednesday!

German Fernandez 10k Debut, Paul Chelimo 5k & More!
The Men Of The Stanford Invitational
Nothing says outdoor season like a massive track meet hosted by Stanford! Get to know the men of the 2016 Stanford Invitational in our ULTIMATE men's preview.

Kim Smith 5k Debut, The Return Of Dom Scott & More!
The Women Of The Stanford Invitational
New Zealand's 3x Olympian Kim Smith and Arkansas' Dom Scott will both make highly anticipated 5k debuts this weekend, find out who else will be competing at the Stanford Invite in our ULTIMATE women's preview!

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IAAF World Indoor Tour expands

© IAAF/ Spikes
The IAAF World Indoor Tour, which was inaugurated this year, will expand with the inclusion of two further meetings by 2018.
The inaugural season of the IAAF World Indoor Tour was composed of four well-established IAAF Indoor Permit meetings.
The tour ran from 6 to 20 February and opened in Karlsruhe, Germany, crossed over the Atlantic to Boston, USA, before returning back to Europe for meetings in Stockholm, Sweden, and Glasgow, Great Britain.
At the IAAF Council meeting earlier this month, the new regulations for the IAAF World Indoor Tour were approved and they can be downloaded here.
It was also decided to include the meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany, in the 2017 calendar.
The Tour will then expand further to six meetings in 2018 with the addition of a non-European meeting.
The IAAF World Indoor Tour, which is based upon a points and prize money system, has given the international indoor season a formal unified structure.
The individual overall winner of each event receives US $20,000 in prize money and a ‘wild card’ entry to the IAAF World Indoor Championships.
IAAF President Sebastian Coe commented: “The introduction of the IAAF World Indoor Tour is an important addition to the promotion of athletics. The winter track season now has a structure which cements the best invitational indoor track meets together and links them directly to the IAAF World Indoor Championships. It’s a model which is easily understandable for athletes, media and fans alike.”
“Indoor athletics was an important part of my running career. My first international title in 1977 and my last world record in 1983 were set indoors.
“Indoor athletics is close-up sport. Spectators are separated by no more than a few feet from the competing athletes. This is why the IAAF World Indoor Tour is important as it helps to promote what is a unique sporting experience.”
Dusseldorf meeting director Marc Osenberg commented: “we are excited to be joining the IAAF World Indoor Tour. As a relatively young meeting we are especially keen to be a member of this new global athletics brand. Together with the other meeting organisers we will work together to promote the attraction of indoor athletics. As public recognition of the IAAF World Indoor Tour grows the individual meetings and indoor athletics as a whole will all be winners.”
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon Men

Half Marathon men

IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon Championships Cardiff 2016



26 MAR 2016 14:10 Please click on a row below to view more information

1 559 Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor KEN KEN 59:10 SB
2 562 Bedan Karoki Muchiri KEN KEN 59:36 SB
3 538 Mohamed Farah GBR GBR 59:59 SB
4 528 Abayneh Ayele ETH ETH 59:59 PB
5 531 Tamirat Tola ETH ETH 1:00:06 PB
6 558 Simon Cheprot KEN KEN 1:00:12 SB
7 523 Abrar Osman ERI ERI 1:00:58 SB
8 532 Mule Wasihun ETH ETH 1:01:11 SB
9 560 Edwin Kiprop Kiptoo KEN KEN 1:01:21
10 579 Stephen Mokoka RSA RSA 1:01:27 SB
11 529 Teshome Mekonen ETH ETH 1:01:39 SB
12 561 Edwin Kipyego KEN KEN 1:01:52
13 521 Nguse Amlosom ERI ERI 1:01:54
14 546 Paul Pollock IRL IRL 1:02:46 SB
15 540 Callum Hawkins GBR GBR 1:02:51
16 527 Guye Adola ETH ETH 1:03:26
17 524 Hiskel Tewelde ERI ERI 1:03:26 SB
18 526 Ayad Lamdassem ESP ESP 1:03:29 SB
19 534 Sidi-Hassan Chahdi FRA FRA 1:03:30 SB
20 501 Michael Shelley AUS AUS 1:03:33 SB
21 590 Robert Chemonges UGA UGA 1:03:39 PB
22 553 Naoki Kudo JPN JPN 1:03:41
23 596 Timothy Ritchie USA USA 1:03:49 SB
24 522 Samsom Gebreyohannes ERI ERI 1:04:03
25 552 Stefano La Rosa ITA ITA 1:04:05 SB
26 598 Jared Ward USA USA 1:04:05 SB
27 539 Dewi Griffiths GBR GBR 1:04:10 PB
28 557 Minato Oishi JPN JPN 1:04:11
29 554 Keijiro Mogi JPN JPN 1:04:19
30 573 Jhordan Alonso Ccope PER PER 1:04:23 SB
31 572 Asbjørn Ellefsen Persen NOR NOR 1:04:32
32 594 Scott Bauhs USA USA 1:04:34
33 500 Mariano Mastromarino ARG ARG 1:04:35 PB
34 502 Wellington da Silva BRA BRA 1:04:43 SB
35 556 Keisuke Nakatani JPN JPN 1:04:43
36 555 Shogo Nakamura JPN JPN 1:04:49
37 581 Mbongeni Ngxazozo RSA RSA 1:04:51 SB
38 504 Reid Coolsaet CAN CAN 1:04:56 SB
39 576 Raverso Ramos PER PER 1:04:59 PB
40 568 Ricardo Ramos MEX MEX 1:05:00
41 544 Thomas Frazer IRL IRL 1:05:20 PB
42 547 Kevin Seaward IRL IRL 1:05:23 SB
43 537 Denis Mayaud FRA FRA 1:05:48 SB
44 575 Ferdinand Pacheco PER PER 1:06:05 SB
45 542 Ryan McLeod GBR GBR 1:06:13 SB
46 506 Rob Watson CAN CAN 1:06:15
47 509 Diego Colorado COL COL 1:06:16 SB
48 577 Nicolae-Alexandru Soare ROU ROU 1:06:18 SB
49 512 Lars Budolfsen DEN DEN 1:06:28 SB
50 543 Sergiu Ciobanu IRL IRL 1:06:30 SB
51 569 Daniel Vargas MEX MEX 1:06:32 SB
52 574 Nelson Ito PER PER 1:06:34 SB
53 541 Matthew Hynes GBR GBR 1:06:37 SB
54 510 Gerald Giraldo COL COL 1:06:39 PB
55 551 Tasama Moogas ISR ISR 1:06:41
56 595 Ben Bruce USA USA 1:06:46
57 549 Kári Steinn Karlsson ISL ISL 1:06:49 SB
58 587 Juraj Vitko SVK SVK 1:06:50 SB
59 503 Yolo Nikolov BUL BUL 1:06:52 PB
60 513 Jesper Faurschou DEN DEN 1:06:53 SB
61 582 Vuyisile Tshoba RSA RSA 1:06:55
62 535 Romain Courcières FRA FRA 1:07:02
63 564 Janis Viskers LAT LAT 1:07:34 SB
64 514 Theis Nijhuis DEN DEN 1:07:49 SB
65 507 - Danmuzhenciwang CHN CHN 1:07:52 PB
66 583 Rui Yong Soh SIN SIN 1:07:56 SB
67 550 Arnar Pétursson ISL ISL 1:08:02 PB
68 533 Djamel Bachiri FRA FRA 1:08:09
69 593 Dmytro Lashyn UKR UKR 1:08:49 SB
70 511 Daniel Daly CRO CRO 1:08:51 SB
71 536 Paul Lalire FRA FRA 1:08:58 SB
72 599 Shokhrukh Davlatov UZB UZB 1:09:56 PB
73 563 Zhoodar Kochkonbaev KGZ KGZ 1:10:07 PB
74 565 Marcel Tschopp LIE LIE 1:10:48 SB
75 505 Brandon Lord CAN CAN 1:11:00
76 517 Hussein Ahmed EGY EGY 1:11:21 PB
77 516 Belal Ahmed EGY EGY 1:11:29 PB
78 567 Saby Luna MEX MEX 1:11:32 SB
79 580 Gladwin Mzazi RSA RSA 1:11:49 SB
80 570 Charlton Debono MLT MLT 1:12:03
81 566 Kuan Un Iao MAC MAC 1:13:55 PB
82 578 Modike Lucky Mohale RSA RSA 1:15:28
83 584 Abdi Madar Amare SOM SOM 1:15:53 PB
84 586 Elsidig Ibrahim SUD SUD 1:17:07 SB
85 548 Armann Eydal Albertsson ISL ISL 1:17:22 SB
545 Sean Hehir IRL IRL DQ R143.11
Rule 143.10. No athlete shall be allowed to take part in any competition without
displaying the appropriate bib(s) and/or identification.
Rule 143.11. if an athlete does not follow this Rule in any way and:
(a) refuses the direction of the relevant Referee to comply; or
(b) participates in the competition,
he shall be disqualified.
588 David Nilsson SWE SWE DNS
508 Patrick Muleki COD COD DNS

Split times

Split Mark Athlete COUNTRY
5km 14:10 Edwin Kiprop
10km 27:59 Bedan Karoki
15km 41:41 Bedan Karoki
20km 56:05 Geoffrey Kipsang