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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Present: Manny Myers, Jim Tracy, Angela Paradise, Peter Brewer, Keith Conning, Steve Gregg, Sean Laughlin and Bri Niemi.

Absent: Chuck Woolridge, Jason Jacobsen, Eddie Salazar and Doyle O’Regan.

Bri Niemi stated that Hayward H.S. would be the site for the 2012 NCS/Les Schwab Cross Country Championships. Discussions could continue to be had regarding Ukiah as a possible site moving forward, however no new information was given to the group. Races would begin at 8:30 a.m. PT and would reflect the race order of the State CIF Cross Country Championships. Niemi noted that the original bulletin posted in August did not have the group’s update in terms of following the exact race and award schedule of the CIF. The group requested that that be changed and the bulletin and website updated.

Sean Laughlin was available for questions from the group. It was requested that the mats be barricaded so that runners warming up did not skew race results. Laughlin also noted that he would add a pace clock as well as move his station into the portable adjacent to the finish line. Overall, the group was very pleased with the first year of chip timing last year.

a. Site Personnel
1. Meet Director(s) –Doyle O’Regan, Piedmont HS and Peter Brewer, Northgate HS
2. Site Director – Kristy Prasad
3. Layout and mark course – Peter Brewer
4. Asst. Site Director – Marissa Harris
5. Referee – USATF
6. Starters – Bob Shor (managed by Peter Brewer; make sure he brings back-up starter gun)
a. Recall starter(s) –USATF
Starting Line Personnel – USATF
Finish line personnel – USATF
b. Finish judges - USATF
c. Corral volunteers/Chip recovery – Manny Myers, Angela Paradise and volunteers arranged by Chuck Woolridge. Niemi to make signage to limit parents, coaches in the corral.
d. Caller - USATF
e. Timers – Sean Laughlin
f. Video camera person – Sean Laughlin
g. Back-up timer – Sean Laughlin
7. Course Marshals – Hayward HS
8. Results (Individual, team and State Meet qualifiers)
a. Awards – Hayward HS
NCS Office – Provided by Sean Laughlin (Niemi to work with Laughlin to get excel spreadsheet to CIF)
Media – Hayward HS
Coaches – Each team provided two tickets (one for girls and one for boys) to get race results
9. P.A. Announcer(s) – Keith Conning. One sound system, two volunteers needed. Niemi to research greater range for PA. Brewer to slide finish line 10-15 feet towards the hill for better visibility for Keith.
10. Awards
a. Announcer and Presenter of Awards – Gil Lemmon. An NCS volunteer will be helping organize and hand out medals/awards.
11. Media (pre and post-meet) relations – Packets will be available at the registration table
12. Souvenir sales (t-shirts, patches, programs, etc.) – Peter Brewer and Northgate HS
13. Certified Athletic Trainer(s) – Assigned by Children’s Hospital. Niemi to remind group to stay past last race.
14. Sponsor Liaison (banners, sample distribution, p.a. announcements) – Bri Niemi to hang banners
15. Porta-Potties – Bri Niemi to order
16. Clean-up – Hayward H.S. custodial staff

1. Secure site (OK-NCS office)
a. Secure insurance (OK-NCS office)
2. Conduct course and facility safety check – Peter Brewer (Bri Niemi to order wood chips)
3. Order awards (OK-NCS office)
4. Secure equipment (see equipment list below)
5. Order t-shirts, sweat shirts, patches & hats (OK-NCS office)
6. Arrange for sponsors' materials – Bri Niemi
7. Entries from participating schools – Bri Niemi to oversee password requests
8. Championship bulletins put on web – Bri Niemi
9. Letter sent by NCS staff to all NCS member schools – Bri Niemi
10. Develop a course map and directions to Hayward HS – OK
11. Prior to Meet
Forward materials for packet to Doyle – Bri Niemi
Forward ticket materials for Hayward HS – Bri Niemi
12. Day of Meet
Bring awards to meet – Bri Niemi
Bring back to the office the results or arrange for results to be forward to the Office via email – Bri Niemi
Make sure qualifiers are sent to CIF – Bri Niemi
13. Gate Personnel – Hayward HS
14. Story for the NCS PREP magazine (program) – Albert Caruana? Bri Niemi to discuss w/ him.
15. Personnel responsibilities – submit bills for reimbursement and/or payment – Bri Niemi

a. Automatic timing system – Sean Laughlin
b. Chute materials – Peter Brewer and Kristy Prasad
c. P. A. system –Bri Niemi
d. Course marking materials – Peter Brewer
e. Trainers station – located on side of portable, same as 2010
f. Walkie-talkies – 38 ordered for use the day of the event – Bri Niemi
g. Racing bibs – Bri Niemi to order

a. Concession stand – Hayward H.S.
b. Food for workers –use portable for hospitality.
c. Officials Parking – Parking lot on east side of campus. Bri Niemi to provide management committee with parking passes prior to the event.
d. Bri Niemi would work with leagues to get their results to Albert and Keith.

a. The next meeting was set for Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at a location TBD.

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